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Providing Directory Services for Windows Clients
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Figure 2-2. Client output for first sample
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rule token = parse | intNum { INT (Convert.ToInt32 (lexeme lexbuf)) }
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If we use the parameterized version of the code, we have removed the need to modify the code in any environment because we have removed the hard relationship with the classes that create the Connection object. To use the correct terminology, we have decoupled our class from the dependency required to appropriate the connection.
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Reading Attributes, Elements, and Values
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CHAPTER 13: File Services
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Figure 12-19. Accessing the JavaScript proxy
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It is possible that Oracle is using a form of the heapsort, which would start by loading data into a partly ordered tree structure known as a heap. (The word heap sometimes means something far more structured than the way teenagers store their belongings.) A heapsort then uses a shuffle-down mechanism to restructure the heap into a fully sorted structure. I have discounted the heapsort as Oracle s mechanism for sorting because even though the number of comparisons used is appropriate, the optimum implementation of the heapsort algorithm needs only one pointer per entry rather than the three which, given the amount of memory involved, Oracle seems to use. Interestingly, I have heard comments that the 10gR2 release is very much faster at sorting than previous releases so perhaps the Oracle developers have finally changed the algorithm and the code will have switched to a heapsort by the time you read this note.
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Generally speaking, your sound card shouldn t require any additional configuration and should work immediately after you install Ubuntu. The icon for the volume control applet is located at the top right of the Ubuntu desktop, and it offers a quick way to control the master volume. However, if your sound card offers more than stereo output, such as multiple-speaker surround sound, then it might be necessary to take some simple steps to allow full control of the hardware:
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