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Figure 5-7. Adding some account data
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The compPlay method is the basic artificial intelligence of the whole program. It does nothing more than move the computer s paddle towards the ball along the horizontal axis, i.e., no Y-axis movement. There are two speeds (reaction time) of the computer; it moves slower when the ball is on the player s side of the table and faster when the ball is on the computer s side. The constant (#define) COMP_REACTION_TIME sets the
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Fortunately, the problem of comparing nulls can be solved (at least internally) with the undocumented function sys_op_map_nonnull(), which seems to return a value that is deemed to be of the type that matches its input parameter even though it is a value that is not normally considered to be legal for that type (typically a single 0xFF).
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File Upload Portlet
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Int64 Byte[] Boolean String String Decimal DateTime DateTime DateTime DateTime Decimal Double ExternalException DateTime Guid Int32 String Decimal Single Int16 Byte UInt64 UInt32 UInt16 String Object String String
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s Warning In SQL Server 2000, large data was stored using NTEXT, TEXT, and IMAGE data types. These data types are deprecated and will likely be removed in the future. If you work with legacy applications, you should consider converting NTEXT, TEXT, and IMAGE to NVARCHAR(MAX), VARCHAR(MAX), and VARBINARY(MAX), respectively. However, the System.Data.SqlDbType enumeration does not yet include members for these data types, so we use VARCHAR(MAX) and VARBINARY(MAX) for column data types, but Text and Image when specifying data types for command parameters.
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Data Type
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} private List<Scorer> getAllTimeTop10Scorers() { List<Scorer> topScorersList = new ArrayList<Scorer>(); topScorersList.add(new Scorer(1, "Kareem", "Abdul-Jabbar", 38387, 1)); topScorersList.add (new Scorer(2, "Wilt", "Chamberlain", 31419, 2)); topScorersList.add (new Scorer(3, "Karl", "Malone", 30599, 3)); topScorersList.add (new Scorer(4, "Michael", "Jordan", 29277, 4));
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There are two basic types of animations in Silverlight: Linear interpolation animation: This type of animation smoothly and continuously varies property values over time. Keyframe animation: With this type of animation, values change based on keyframes that have been added to a given point in the timeline. Most commonly, keyframe animations are used in conjunction with a form of interpolation to smooth animations. All types of animation in Silverlight are derived from the Timeline class found in the System.Windows.Media.Animation namespace. The following types of animations are available: ColorAnimation ColorAnimationUsingKeyFrames DoubleAnimation DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames ObjectAnimationUsingKeyFrames PointAnimation PointAnimationUsingKeyFrames
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12. If you opt to edit the document, you can insert your choice of merge fields by clicking
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