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Try It Out: Setting the Connection Property
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} private { var var var var var var function searchCompleteEventHandler(event:FlickrEvent):void data:Object =; ac:ArrayCollection = ( as ArrayCollection); len:int = ac.length; imageURL:String; images:Array = []; list:Array = [];
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Select the forum you wish to prune (or leave it set to All Forums to prune en masse), and then click the Look up Forum button. This takes you to the screen shown in Figure 10-17. Enter the maximum number of days for inactive topics in your forum to live, and then click the Do Prune button. The process may take a few seconds, as this is a databaseintensive step. When you reenter your forum, you should see that all of the inactive topics past the maximum age you specified are now gone. Repeat the process for each forum you wish to trim down. With any luck, you ll be running a little leaner and maybe even a smidgen faster.
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If you have well-defined SLAs in place, then it is easier to manage expectations, right Wrong. Just because you have a defined SLAs in place does not mean people will stop expecting you to have everything done yesterday. If someone requests a database restore and you get it done in 30 minutes, then that person is going to expect that same turnaround time for each subsequent request. A few days later you may be asked to do it again, and it will take 45 minutes because the volume of data is greater. But the
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Exactly how does Drupal match incoming URLs with directories in sites Drupal treats the domain of the incoming request as a hierarchical construct (which it is), and leaves open the possibility that you will configure your sites in the same way. The domain is therefore systematically broken down into less specific fragments until a matching configuration directory is located. The first configuration directory that is found is used. If no matching configuration directories are found, the default directory is used. The URL is a typical base URL for a site, hosted at and installed in a subdirectory called drupal. The fragments that will be used for matching when looking for settings.php are www, testsite, and com. Here is an example of a URL and the steps Drupal will take to find the proper configuration directory: 1. 2. 3. com 4. default Drupal looks for directories in the sites folders with names from the list and uses the first match found. It is interesting to note that you could have a configuration directory named sites/com that would not only handle the URL in this example, but also handle any other .com URL that came to your site.
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CHAPTER 3: Some Basics
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A transaction is a method through which developers can define a unit of work logically or physically that, when it completes, leaves the database in a consistent state. A transaction forms a single unit of work, which must pass the ACID test before it can be classified as a transaction. The ACID test is an acronym for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability:
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Building Windows Forms Applications
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Creating a Windows Forms Project
This brings you to the Summary screen. Review the settings carefully, and if they re correct, click on the Continue button. You ll then be brought to the Create Volume screen, where you can make one or more volumes. First, let s take a brief detour. For now, choose to bypass the process (we ll go through it momentarily), which will send you to the main Xsan Admin Screen. At this point, if you look in your config folder, you ll see these files in the /Library/FileSystems/Xsan/Config directory: Config.plist: This XML file contains licenses, the SAN name, controller settings, and the like. Fsnameservers: You ll find a listing of metadata controllers here. Notifications.plist: This file holds XML data used for e-mail notifications. Later, as you create volumes, Xsan will add other files (each volume will have its own CFG file and an accompanying FSM (Finite State Machine) process spawned by Xsan). Now let s create a Volume.
SQL Server 2005 has introduced the ROW_NUMBER() function for ranking: it returns a unique, sequential number for each row of the returned result set.
Further Reading
NativeWindow maximum window size has been increased from 2880x2880 pixels in AIR 1.5.2 to 4095x4095 pixels in AIR 2.0. This feature is useful and will allow using AIR on bigger screens. For example, now that AIR is capable of registering multi-touch user gestures, you can create AIR applications that will run on large touchscreens. To test the feature, create a large application and set the width and height to the dimensions. We would like to note that deploying the AIR application on a device that is smaller than the size you provided will set the size to the maximum possible size.
Figure 13 17. Configuring authentication levels
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