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Enable VPN VPN Username/Password/DNS Disallow Rollback to Previous Software Version Disable Wi-Fi Caution: Split Pipe can be a particularly frustrating setting. Most applications will either attempt to connect through an enterprise MDS connection or through a device-side TCP connection. If an application attempts to open both types of connections, it is said to have a split-pipe. This can cause security concerns: for example, a malicious app might open a connection to the corporate network, collect data from internal servers, and then open a connection to a hacker s web server and upload sensitive data. The split-pipe IT policy forbids this happening: if an app has ever attempted to open an MDS connection before (even if it failed), it is forbidden from attempting to open a public connection. If this happens, you should first change your app to make sure that it only attempts to open either MDS (deviceside=false) or public (deviceside=true) connections. Wipe the affected device by removing all software via the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and then reload all software. In addition to these general settings, administrators can also configure a set of application control policy rules. These provide more fine-grained controls that specifically apply to third-party applications that are installed by users. Some of the more important ones are listed below.
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NOTE: You can also work with third party plug-ins in the same fashion. The list here should always mirror the list that you see in Directory Utility. In earlier versions of OS X, enabling or disabling plug-ins through this method could be a little inconsistent. A reboot will typically ensure the setting is properly applied.
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Listing 8-10 shows the implementation of this version of the DAO.
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Try It Out: Creating a Report Structure
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At this point, you have an MSI that you can use to create the registry key required by the sample application. You now need to create the product and package manifest files. To do this, create a Windows Forms application in the same solution. You have to package the prerequisite in a folder, so create a folder within this application, and name it MyCustomPreReq. Next create a file named product.xml and then a folder named en. Within en, create a file named package.xml. Since we ve talked at length about the manifest files, you should have no problem entering the following for the product manifest (product.xml): < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <Product xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/2004/01/bootstrapper" ProductCode="ClickOnceAndCustomPreReq"> <RelatedProducts> <DependsOnProduct Code="Microsoft.Net.Framework.2.0"/> </RelatedProducts> <PackageFiles> <PackageFile Name="CreateRegKeySetup.msi"/> </PackageFiles> <InstallChecks> <RegistryCheck Property="ACoolKey" Key="HKLM\Software\ACoolSample" Value="SaySomething" /> </InstallChecks> <Commands Reboot="None"> <Command PackageFile="CreateRegKeySetup.msi" EstimatedInstallSeconds="30"> <!-- These checks determine whether the package is to be installed --> <InstallConditions> <BypassIf Property="ACoolKey" Compare="ValueExists"/> <!-- Block install if user does not have admin privileges --> <FailIf Property="Version9x" Compare="ValueExists" String="InvalidPlatform"/> <FailIf Property="VersionNT" Compare="VersionLessThan" Value="8-0.4" String="InvalidPlatform2K"/> <FailIf Property="AdminUser" Compare="ValueEqualTo" Value="false" String="AdminRequired"/> </InstallConditions> <ExitCodes> <ExitCode Value="0" Result="Success"/> <DefaultExitCode Result="Fail" FormatMessageFromSystem="true" String="GeneralFailure"/> </ExitCodes> </Command> </Commands> </Product>
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Here is what the updated source looks like: <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" HorizontalAlignment="Center"> <Button Width="100" Height="30" Content="Button Left" Margin="5" /> <StackPanel VerticalAlignment="Center"> <Button Width="100" Height="30" Content="Button Middle 1" Margin="5"></Button> <Button Width="100" Height="30" Content="Button Middle 2" Margin="5"></Button> <Button Width="100" Height="30" Content="Button Middle 3" Margin="5"></Button> </StackPanel> <Button Width="100" Height="30" Content="Button Right" Margin="5"></Button> </StackPanel> </Grid> The cool result of this code is shown in Figure 3-11.
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Most of the time we don t keep track of column numbers and prefer retrieving values by their respective column names, simply because it s much easier to remember them by their names, which also makes the code more self-documenting. You use column name indexing by specifying column names instead of ordinal index numbers. This has its advantages. For example, a table might be changed by the addition or deletion of one or more columns, upsetting column ordering and raising exceptions in older code that uses ordinal indexers. Using column name indexers would avoid this
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This is the most basic of error handling. It has served SQL Server developers well over the years, but it can be cumbersome. When an error occurs, such as you have seen as we have gone through the book creating and manipulating objects, a global variable, @@ERROR, would have been populated with the SQL Server error message number. Similarly, if you try to do something with a set of data that is invalid, such as dividing a number by zero or exceeding the number of digits allowed in a numeric data type, then SQL Server will populate this variable for you to inspect. The downside is that the @@ERROR variable setting only lasts for the next statement following the line of code that has been executed; therefore, when you think there might be problems, you need to either pass the data to a local variable or inspect it straight away. The first example demonstrates this.
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To see how you can go about preparing an application for the world, you ll build a simple application that announces a new product, in this case a Windows Phone. But first, you will learn how to use the CultureInfo class to ensure dates, numbers, and text appear in the right form regardless of the culture in which the announcement is made. Then you ll see how, by using resource (.resx) files, you can easily
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Backing Up and Restoring Your Database
CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
Pros Easy to use and implement. Changes code and runs without recompiling. Ideal during development efforts. Source code is present when deployed to production environment. Presents a security risk. More prone for errors to be bypassed because compiled at runtime. .aspx and code-beside files need to be in sync.
Process Efficiencies
so Mac OS X users can alter rights on files and folders, giving those users some security over their data. Disable the option to use only inherited permissions already set on the Windows server.
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