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6 11. Configuring SOAP Sends and Receives
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Repeat the last command Undo the last command
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How do we communicate Let me answer that question with another question. Have you ever had a phone conversation with a person speaking in a monotone voice If so, you ll understand that it s not very engaging. You might have even found yourself overemphasizing your own parts of the dialogue just to compensate! Compare this situation to a face-to-face discussion with multiple participants. You may have witnessed first hand the complex body language taking place throughout the conversation as people start to use their hands to convey emphasis, or move their body between passive and aggressive stances depending on their activity in the group. Now consider a lecture given by a speaker at a conference. A good presentation is enhanced by visuals, moving parts, and engaging with the audience. It s as if the speaker understands the audience.
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Adapters Channels Destinations
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RS and CR side-by-side example 790, 500 750, 200 750, 240
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Snow Leopard features vastly improved support for autobuddy functionality. The term autobuddy is fairly self descriptive; it allows you to automatically assign buddy members to your users, letting you prepopulate their buddy list. Autobuddy functionality in 10.6 is accessed through the Groups Pane of Server Preferences application and provides you with the ability to assign autobuddy population based on group membership, which works out very well. Once configured, user s will automatically see Buddy Groups for each group to which they are a member. Figure 5-31 demonstrates the configuration in Server Preferences and the iChat GUI.
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I hope that, as report complexity is growing by each reporting project, your appetite to get more complex stuff is increasing, right So, let s continue and learn some more rich features of RS. The next example is about developing a cross tabulated report; also known as a pivot or matrix report.
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Part of building a mashup application is manipulating CSS to create your UI. The number of open source skins and templates available keeps increasing. Making a mashup application is all about building an application quickly and mixing existing resources and data sources. Why not take advantage of open source skins and templates already availableHere are two sites that offer free downloading of templates and skins:
Another name for the operating system referred to as Linux. The name GNU/Linux gives credit to the vast quantity of GNU Project, The software that is added to the Linux kernel within a distro to make a complete operating system. As such, GNU/Linux is the preferred term of many Free Software advocates.
Figure 1-8. Variable window with a new variable The Properties window also has these same values (see Figure 1-9). You can enter the variable s properties in the Properties window or the Variables window.
<div id="SilverlightControlHost" class="silverlightHost"> <script type="text/javascript"> createSilverlight(); </script> <div style="position: absolute; z-index: 1; left: 24px; top: 47px" id="layer1"> <table style="width: 100%" cellspacing="1"> <tr> <td style="width: 108px" class="style2">Name</td> <td><input name="Text1" type="text" style="width: 482px"></td> </tr> </table> </div>
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