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Portlet Basics
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public class SendingScreen extends MainScreen { private static final int STATE_INPUT = 0; private static final int STATE_SENDING = 1; private static final int STATE_SENT = 2; private int state = STATE_INPUT; private private private private String String String byte[] contentType; filename; message; data;
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You set the infoVO object using the Model tag. Notice that each property uses the bindable brackets so you will be able to change the Model component as you update the form.
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<bean id="acegiRequestFilter" class="org.acegisecurity.util.FilterChainProxy"> <property name="filterInvocationDefinitionSource"> <value> CONVERT_URL_TO_LOWERCASE_BEFORE_COMPARISON PATTERN_TYPE_APACHE_ANT /login*=anonymousProcessingFilter /accessdenied*=anonymousProcessingFilter /**=httpSessionContextIntegrationFilter,logoutFilter,authenticationProcessingFilter ,anonymousProcessingFilter,exceptionTranslationFilter,securityInterceptorFilter </value> </property> </bean> The filterInvocationDefinitionSource property indicates which filters should be invoked for which URLs. The first two lines declare how URLs should be matched; they will be converted to lowercase, and Ant style patterns will then be used to determine which filter to invoke.
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Figure 16-12. The improved list of links
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UnlockUser method, Membership class, 261 262 Update statement, 55 UpdatePhotoAlbum stored procedure VWD and SQL Express integration, 75 Url attribute siteMapNode element, 136 configuring web.sitemap, 139
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Figure 5-3. Process to add the ReportViewer to Default.aspx
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Tools Options.
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Table 13-6. Report Item Properties for the Body Section
The Software Approach
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Figure 7 18. The name of the policy must match the .NET code exactly Following the policy name, you specify the major and minor versions of the policy you want to execute. You specify 1.0, which is the only version of the policy currently deployed. Alternatively, you could specify the name only when creating the policy object (no version parameters supplied to the policy s constructor method), which executes the most recently deployed version of the policy. Next, you create a collection (array) of fact objects. This array holds all the objects necessary to execute the policy. These objects map to the different types of facts that the Business Rule Composer can create, including XML documents, .NET classes or class members, and database connections. The SamplePolicy policy uses only a single XML document fact, which you create next. You use the Microsoft.RuleEngine.TypedXmlDocument class to create an XML document fact, specifying the document type (the fully qualified .NET type name) and XML document instance. Add this TypedXmlDocument to the fact collection. Finally, you execute the policy against the facts collection. The facts collection is passed as a reference parameter, meaning any changes to the facts will be committed to the original instances. In this solution, the XML document fact will have the appropriate minimum age requirement logic applied.
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