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Please use the following steps to add the data table inside the dataset: 1. You can go to the dataset designer in two ways: double-click dsChartOfAccounts inside Solution Explorer, or right-click dsChartOfAccounts node and select View Designer. 2. To add the data table, right-click the design surface, and select Add DataTable. 3. Click the Header of the newly created data table, and name it dtChartOfAccounts. Add columns to dtChartOfAccounts by right-clicking DataTable and selecting Add Column. 4. Add the following columns into the data table; your data table should look like Figure 5-49: AccountID (System.Int32) AccountCode (System.String) AccountNameEng (System.String) AccountType (System.String) AccountGroup (System.String) AccountGeneralID (System.Int32) AccountGeneralCode (System.String)
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Figure 8-2. Ubuntu will automatically work with DHCP networks, or you can define a static IP address.
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7 7. Calling the Business Rules Engine from an Orchestration
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} - (IBAction)turnOnGreenLED:(id)sender { const uint8_t buf[2] = {0x98, 0x03}; [[EADAccessoryController sharedController] writeData:[NSData dataWithBytes:buf length:2]]; } - (IBAction)turnOffGreenLED:(id)sender { const uint8_t buf[2] = {0x98, 0x04}; [[EADAccessoryController sharedController] writeData:[NSData dataWithBytes:buf length:2]]; }
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Figure 4-10. Login status 13. We can now click OK to add the group. This will complete the addition to SQL Server.
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iTunes provides the best, most seamless interface for users who use an iPhone or iPod touch. You don t have to use iTunes to interact with the device but it sure makes life much easier. If you choose to deploy iTunes as part of your mass deployment, whether it be to Windows or to Mac OS X clients (where it would be installed by default) there are some features that many organizations will certainly want to limit. Luckily, Apple allows you to manage various iTunes features for both Windows and Mac OS X clients. For Windows, there are a number of registry keys that can be used and for Mac OS X there is the ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iTunes.plist file. Using the com.apple.iTunes.plist file you will have the ability to add the preference domain into the Workgroup Manager Managed Preferences (as covered in 7). Once added, you will be able to set a number of options to manage, including the following keys (which are self-explanatory for the most part): allowiTunesUAccess disableAppleTV disableAutomaticDeviceSync disableCheckForUpdates disableDeviceRegistration disableGeniusSidebar disableGetAlbumArtwork disableMusicStore disableOpenStream disablePlugins disablePodcasts disableRadio disableSharedMusic gamesLimit moviesLimit ratingSystemID restrictExplicit restrictGames restrictMovies restrictTVshows tvShowsLimit
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Automating User Creation from a Third-Party Database
Figure 6-10. Creating a new database diagram 2. If this is the first diagram you are creating for the database, you ll need to install support objects. Without them, you cannot create the diagram, so click Yes at the next dialog prompt (see Figure 6-11).
alert(Vehicles.Boat.implementsInterface(Vehicles.IPowered)); alert(Vehicles.SpeedBoat.implementsInterface(Vehicles.IPowered));
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