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We just feed it our REALM, a kerberos administrator s credentials, and we specify a service which will be generated. You can specify one or more of the following services afp, ftp, http, imap, pop, smtp, ssh, fcsvr, vnc, cifs, or all. When ran, the command will pretty much take care of everything for us. For example, to fully kerberise an OS X laptop to the Open Directory domain myco.com, the following syntax would be used:
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BizTalk Framework (BTF2)
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Figure 14-15. The effect of the Anchor property setting Top on a resized form 13. Save the changes in your project by clicking File Save All.
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## Create the remote .ssh directory (password required) ssh hunterbj@remotehost.com "mkdir ~/.ssh" ## Establish appropriate permissions (password required) ssh hunterbj@remotehost.com "chmod 700 ~/.ssh" ## Copy the new public key into the file "authorized_keys" on the remote host ## This file is consulted by default in OS X for ssh preshared key authentication ## (password required) cat ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub | ssh hunterbj@remotehost.com "cat - >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys" ## Perform a remote folder listing (no password required)
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Which Data Structures Are Mutable
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podcast appears to get lost when you re importing it, be sure to check there first.
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stream=new MemoryStream(buffer); ID = pop3msg.MessageId; } There s also a method called RegisterServer() in SMTPHelper that stores a server-side sink chain in the _servers Hashtable using the e-mail address as a key. public static void RegisterServer(SMTPServerTransportSink snk, String address) { // registering sink for a specified e-mail address _servers[address] = snk; } The last two methods in the helper class are of a more generic nature. The first parses a URL in the form smtp:someone@somedomain.com/URL/to/object and returns the e-mail address separated from the object s URI (which is /URL/to/object in this case) as out parameters. internal static void parseURL(String url, out String email, out String objectURI) { // format: "smtp:user@host.domain/URL/to/object" // is split to: // email = user@host.domain // objectURI = /URL/to/object int pos = url.IndexOf("/"); if (pos > 0) { email = url.Substring(5,pos-5); objectURI = url.Substring(pos); } else if (pos ==-1) { email = url.Substring(5); objectURI =""; } else { email = null; objectURI = url; } } The second method is used to parse an e-mail address for an incoming request. It accepts addresses in a variety of formats and returns the generic form of user@domain.com:
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Culture property, Page class using automatic browser detection, 173 CultureInfo class storing language preferences, 183 cultures languages and cultures listing, 170 currencies localization, websites, 169 CurrentExecutionFilePath property, Request class, 224 custom controls, 100
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CHAPTER 7: Adding the Game Controller
When the width property is set to a percentage value, the width of the Silverlight control changes based on the user s interaction with the browser. As a result, the value of the actual width of the control can be read using the actualWidth property. In addition, if this value changes, the onResize event will fire.
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function handleDLProgress(sender, args) { var ctrl = sender.getHost(); var t1 = ctrl.content.findName("txt1"); var v = sender.downloadProgress * 100; t1.Text = v + "%"; } function handleDLComplete(sender, args) { alert("Download complete"); }
CHAPTER 4: A Development Server Is a Production Server to a Developer
s Note
Web Server
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