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Show current network connections Run specified command with specified priority -n: Specify priority, ranging from the highest priority of 20, to 19, which is the lowest priority
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The schema designer and Server Explorer together allow you to create a schema for a database table. Along the same lines, the XML Schema Definition tool allows you to create XSD schemas from the following: An existing XML document An existing XDR schema Types defined in an assembly (.exe or .dll)
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Figure 15-8. Split view of your Web Site project
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You ll invoke this code soon. For now, recognize that this captures almost every Throwable that can occur within the program because of the way you have already set up your error handling. On a successful run of the application, very little logging information will be generated. Failures will be retained until the application is unloaded. Of course, this could be enhanced to support multiple log severity levels and other useful items.
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In this example we ll create a very simple Silverlight application with a DataGrid that displays contacts, and we ll add printing functionality.
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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Figure 6 3. General settings for the receive location 7. 8. Click the Configure button. Enter the value of the file folder you want BizTalk Server to pull for files.
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option ldap-server code 95 = text; option ldap-server "ldap://,dc=company,dc=com";
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One problem with introducing virtual machines into a mixed platform is that you are also introducing additional complexity. If you are already running Active Directory, then likely you will have bound your Macs into the Directory, as described in 3. When you introduce virtual machines onto these machines, then you ll be binding the virtual host into AD as well. Suddenly, you have two computer objects per machine. If you have BootCamp partitions not utilized by virtual machines, then this OS instance will also have its own computer record. How do you organize all of these First and foremost, the naming convention on your OS hosts is paramount to be able to properly differentiate between the respective OS instances. One good practice is to use specialized prefixes or suffixes. For instance, the OS X environment may be jdoe-lt-0435. For this box, VM instances Computer Name might be called jdoe-lt-0435-vm, and its BootCamp partition might be jdoe-lt-0435-bc. Unless you are using a third-party integration tool, such as Centrify, Quest, or have extended your Active Directory schema for Mac OS X support, then the computer object for your primary OS X instance isn t much good for management on your virtual machine. Its existence is without doubt a requirement, but any GPO s which would normally be applied to a Windows OS are promptly ignored. Because of this, you can either organize your Mac OS X objects right next to your virtual machine objects, or you can create purpose-specific Computer containers for each purpose: Computers, Macs, MacVM, and BootCamp. Using purpose-specific containers is typically recommended for a number of reasons. First and foremost, in large environments it just helps organizationally. Most importantly, it provides a way to target each specific environment for GPO management.
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by Jonathan Gennick
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Figure 15-3. Referencing the System.Windows.Printing namespace
CHAPTER 11 Inside the Framework . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 321
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