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ASP.NET is a technology that developers can use to build dynamic web sites. It is a successor to Microsoft s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology. ASP .NET is part of .NET development platform, starting from its first release with the .NET framework. Like Windows Forms, ASP .NET Web Forms are built using the Common Language Runtime (CLR); therefore, they allow developers to code using their choice of any .NET scripting language. In this book, as usual, we ll use C#. Similar to Windows Forms, ASP .NET helps you develop for the Web by making cool web controls available with rich design-time support. You ll be glad to see web controls such as buttons or text boxes function the same way as you have experienced while developing Windows Forms clients.
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We ve seen that ASP .NET processes the page, generating HTML as it goes, and this HTML is returned to the client. In this section, we ll look at this process in a little more detail and see the major steps performed as part of this action. These include page initialization, code initialization, validation, event handling, data binding, and cleanup. This happens for each page request. Figure 3-4 shows the order of these steps.
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Almost nobody will ever have a serious problem with application signing. Still, by setting up the system the way they have, RIM has gained certain abilities. They can monitor the APIs used by individuals. This allows them to, for example, deny cryptographic API use to people in certain geographic regions. Because signatures are provided by a remote server, in extreme cases, RIM could revoke a set of code signing keys, for example, if a developer was discovered writing virus software. If an app is not signed, it is missing this audit trail. As a result, the application is less trusted and will be treated differently from signed apps. All restricted APIs will fail to execute. This includes items like the application manager, email messages, the persistent object store, and many more. Certain operations will always result in a user prompt requiring their approval before proceeding. These operations include network I/O and filesystem access. Signing only has an impact when running on an actual BlackBerry device; the simulator does not need signatures and will not behave any differently if an app has been signed.
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CASE Expressions
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CHAPTER 9: RIM Security
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To see how the [^] characters work in pattern matching, open a New Query window in SSMSE. Enter the following query and click Execute. You should see the results shown in Figure 4-11. select Title + ' ' + FirstName + ' ' + LastName as "Person Name" from Person.Contact where FirstName like '_[^I][a]__' and Title is not null
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volumes that lets you select a startup volume.
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my $filename = $year.$month.$day; my $archive_file = $archive_path.$filename; print "Archiving to $archive_file...\n"; if (open(CMD,"|/usr/sbin/serveradmin command")) { print CMD "dirserv:backupArchiveParams:archivePassword = $archive_password\n" ; print CMD "dirserv:backupArchiveParams:archivePath = $archive_file\n"; print CMD "dirserv:command = backupArchive\n"; close(CMD); print "Archive successful.\n"; } else { print "Error: $!\n"; exit; } $month -= $max_keep_time; if ($month < 1) { $month = 12; $year--; } my $expire_date = sprintf("%.4d%.2d%.2d",$year,$month,$day); print "Cleaning up old archives...\n"; if (opendir(DIR,$archive_path)) { while (my $file = readdir(DIR)) { chomp($file); next unless ($file =~ /^\d{8}\.sparseimage$/i); my $file_date = $file; $file_date =~ s/[^0-9]//g; if ($file_date < $expire_date) { print "Removing ".$archive_path.$file."\n"; unlink($archive_path.$file); } }
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CHAPTER 13: File Services
<compilation debug="false"> </compilation>
Figure 7 1. An Application Bar with Add (+ icon), Save (disk icon), and Delete (trash can icon) on Windows Phone 7
Figure 5-14. Selectors example using Id and class
CHAPTER 6: Application Signing and Sandbox
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