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Figure 8-16. The second half of the preinstallation test suite. I changed the permissions on those directories only because the tests failed the first time.
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If you don t want to repartition your disk or add another disk drive, there s another way you can run Ubuntu under Windows: using virtualization software. Put simply, virtualization software lets you run a computer within a computer (or, in fact, several computers within a computer!). It does this by cleverly sharing system resources between the real computer and the one that s being virtualized. When the virtualization software is run, the virtual computer appears in a program window. A BIOSlike startup screen appears, just like on a real computer, and then the virtual hard disk (usually a file on the main hard disk) is booted. An operating system may then be installed onto the virtual hard disk or, alternatively, it s possible to download entire virtual machines from various sites, for which the hard work of installing the operating system has been done for you! There are a wide variety of virtualization software packages available. Perhaps the most popular are those offered by VMWare, including VMWare Server and VMWare Player. Although proprietary software, both of these two products are entirely free of charge and can be downloaded from www.vmware.com. Another version of VMWare, called Workstation, which is available for a charge, is also highly praised by many. You might investigate Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 too, which is also free of charge and can be downloaded from www.microsoft.com/windows/virtualpc/default.mspx. You can also obtain open-source renditions of virtualization software, such as QEMU (http:// fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu), although also worth downloading is QEMU Manager, which provides a GUI-based configuration front end for QEMU: see www.davereyn.co.uk/download.htm. Using a virtualized computer is useful for testing software but, obviously, the experience isn t seamless. Operating systems running within virtual computers tend to operate more slowly compared to running natively on a computer, and the virtualized hardware is often very simple (you are usually unable to access your computer s 3D graphics hardware, for example). Setting up a virtual computer can also be difficult for those who are new to it. One final note: virtualization software doesn t just run on Windows. You can download several virtualization software packages for Ubuntu, which means you could install and run Windows within a virtual machine running on Ubuntu! QEMU, mentioned previously, runs on Ubuntu, as does Xen: www. xensource.com/products/downloads.
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Figure 3 28. Final map for the Table Looping functoid example Here is what the data table will look like when the map is processed:
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Autocompletion with Files and Paths
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Overcoming Bad Habits
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DoubleClick KeyDown KeyPress KeyUp MouseClick MouseDoubleClick MouseDown MouseUp MouseEnter MouseHover MouseLeave MouseMove MouseWheel
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and let it go manufacturing process. Once the machine is set up and initiated, the operator can walk away and the machine runs until it is finished. For a machined part, the process is much more operator intensive. While the machining is still automated, an operator pays closer attention to the process to make sure things go smoothly. As a real-world example, each set of parts (top and bottom) in Figure 12 9 cost me $77 to create using the FDM process and took a day to get done. In the beginning of this section, I said that you had a couple options on mechanical design. I will get to the second option soon, but let me say a couple more things about your first option. So far, you ve spent maybe a thousand dollars on a designer to create a model of your enclosure. You ve also had some prototypes made using FDM costing you a couple hundred dollars so let s say you ve spent about $1200 so far. Remember these are prototypes, not the final product. So how does the final product get made and how much does it cost The good news is that the final parts might cost you something like a buck apiece. It ll depend on quantity and complexity of the part of course, but it ll probably never be more than two or three dollars at most per part. You can probably live with that. The parts are made by creating a mold based on the mechanical model. The mold is typically a hard or soft steel. The harder the mold, the more parts it can be used to make. A hard steel mold is typically guaranteed to make 500,000 to a million pieces. A soft-tooled mold might make a couple hundred thousand pieces. Now, the bad news; a mold will cost from five to fifteen thousand dollars to make. The more complex the mold, well, you can guess which end of the price spectrum that ll approach. In fact, should you design to create an accessory requiring custom shaped, molded parts, expect the mechanical part costs to far outweigh any electrical design costs. Think about that for a moment. You probably thought that all those tools and test equipment costs were going to put you out of the game; then I throw in something that costs $10K. You re probably thinking that because your box is two pieces, that means $20K not just ten. Not necessarily. Molds are made up of cavities. A cavity is the area of a mold where the part is created. A mold can have several cavities. Two, four, and eight cavity molds are common. Of course, more cavities increase the cost. For the box design in Figure 12 9, my fab company created a two-cavity mold. The top part was in one cavity, the bottom in the other. While this didn t double the cost of the mold, it did increase the cost because the mold was now more complex. In general, expect a two-cavity mold that contains the two halves of your enclosure part to add about 50% to the single cavity cost. These numbers are only examples of course. You ll need to discuss it with your design engineer and local fab houses to get your exact costs. Still, it s going to likely be the most significant cost of your entire project. One thing you can do is to create your prototypes using machined parts to get that professional look, then go out and sell your accessory. I don t mean to actually take
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Evolution Mozilla Firefox Nautilus3
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Ideal candidates for indexes are columns that allow SQL Server to quickly identify the appropriate rows. In 8, we ll meet the WHERE clause of a query. This clause lists certain columns in your table and is used to limit the number of rows returned from a query. The columns used in the WHERE clause of your most common queries make excellent choices for an index. So, for example, if you wanted to find a customer s order for a specific order number, an index based on customer_id and order_number would be perfect, as all the information needed to locate a requested row in the table would be contained in the index. If finding specific records is going to make up part of the way the application works, then do look at this scenario as an area for an index to be created.
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1. 2. 3.
System.Xml.XPath Namespace
string author = Search.Get(context).Author; string title = Search.Get(context).Title; string isbn = Search.Get(context).ISBN; BookInfoList l = new BookInfoList(); l.BookList.Add(new BookInfo(title, l.BookList.Add(new BookInfo(title, l.BookList.Add(new BookInfo(title, l.BookList.Add(new BookInfo(title, BookList.Set(context, l); } } } Press F6 to rebuild the application. Open the BookInventory.xamlx file. Notice that the custom PerformLookup activity is now in your Toolbox (see Figure 10-8). author, author, author, author, isbn, isbn, isbn, isbn, "Available")); "CheckedOut")); "Missing")); "Available"));
In this chapter, we looked at two topics. First, you learned how to make use of a web site to deliver a report to various clients via the Internet and an intranet. Secondly, we looked at how we can make use of business object collections as data sources to report on. You also learned along the way how RS can help you to develop non-English reports. In the next chapter, we will look at how we can generate reports with web services.
Figure 2-25. 10.5 s Kerberos.app (left), 10.6 s Ticket Viewer.app (right)
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