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Using F# Reflection
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Caution Although hierarchical modeling is useful, you must use it with care: poorly designed hierarchies often
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InputStream input = (InputStream)connection.getContent();
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You can create a new number var by parsing a string value. This is a static function and can be called without creating an instance of the object:
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Rename Files While Reading
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' Create typed table Dim customers As Table(Of Customers) = db.GetTable(Of Customers)()
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Let s start working on this section by dragging Report Items Table from the toolbox and dropping it inside the body section in the report designer. A new table item is part of the report now, and it has the default name of table1. Since we need a total of six columns, we need to add three additional columns to table1. To add three more columns, right-click the right-most column header on the table item, and select Insert Column to the Right. Repeat the process two more times; you should have a total of six columns in table1. Let s map the data table s column to the text boxes now. We need to map the first four columns. The fifth column will have the calculation expression, and the last column will display the image item display based on the result of a custom code function. Select Data Source dsSalesAnalysis InvoiceNo and drag and drop it inside the first column of the table item s detail section. Repeat this task for CustomerName, Amount, and Cost. For the fifth column, type the following expression as the value: =Fields!Amount.Value Fields!Cost.Value. In sixth column of table1, we need to show the icon. As you know, to show any kind of image in a report, we need to make use of the image report item. Therefore, drag Report Items Image from the toolbox and drop it inside the sixth column of the tabel1 detail row (TableRow2). Type the following expression as its value: =Code.GetImage(Fields!Amount.Value, Fields!Cost.Value) Make sure your report design surface looks similar to the one shown in Figure 5-22.
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Note The file paths specified in Table 10-1 may differ slightly on individual machines depending on the
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If you don t impersonate specific users (or users for roles as you would do in the trusted subsystem), on the other hand, you have to keep in mind that service accounts are often just accounts of the local machine. Therefore, authentication of a service account on another machine will fail (the ASPNET account on machine A is not the same as the ASPNET account on machine B). In this case, you have two possibilities: either create domain accounts for the services or flow identity through impersonation (but do that based on roles, not for each user!).
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Listing 7-16. Defining the Channel-Processing Filter
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Send properties are the general properties that apply to all send ports. Table 4 2 describes the send properties. Table 4 2. Send Port Send Properties
Server 1
32-bit integers. For example: -3, 0, 127. A value of the given type or the special value None. For example: Some 3, Some "3", None. An immutable linked list of values of the given type. All elements of the list must have the same type. For example: [], [3;2;1]. A function type, representing a value that accepts values of the first type and computes results of the second type. For example: (fun x -> x+1).
Understanding Typed and Untyped Datasets
type 'U returned by this function is related to the type 'U list of the value returned by List.map. From this, it s reasonable to conclude that List.map calls the function parameter for items in the list and constructs its result using the values returned.
Figure 15-13. Selecting an image 7. The image added to the Master Page may not be the size you want it to be, in which case you should set its Size and Width properties in the Properties window. The Pearl HR.JPG image used in this exercise was added at its full size, so we have set its Height and Width properties to 53px and 153px, respectively, to appear as a logo having the proper dimensions on the page. 8. Now drag a Label control above the ContentPlaceHolder and to the right of the Image control. Open the Properties window, set this Label control s Text property to the text you want (for example, we have set it to Pearl HR Solution), and then set its Font Size to XX-Large. Now your Master Page is ready (see Figure 15-14).
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