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The Silverlight.js library contains the createObject and createObjectEx functions, which are used to generate the correct <Object> or <Embed> tag to create the Silverlight component for the current browser. These functions perform identical tasks, the difference between them being that createObjectEx uses the JSON notation for bundling parameters as a matter of convenience. It is good programming practice to separate this call from the page hosting it so that the details of the parameters used for the Silverlight component are externalized. So, for example, the HTML markup for the page would look something like this:
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If you run into installation problems for which you can t find a solution here, you can try using the textmode based installation option on the DVD-ROM boot menu. Simply select Install Ubuntu in Text Mode. This is often referred to as the alternate install because it doesn t boot into the graphical installer; instead, it boots to an older but reliable text-mode installation program. From there, you can follow the prompts to install Ubuntu. Unfortunately, there isn t space to provide a full installation guide here, although most installation options should correspond loosely to those discussed in 5. We've also provided an .ISO image of a CD version of Ubuntu that uses the alternate installer. This can be found on Side B of the DVD-ROM. You can learn more about it in Appendix D.
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Relationships that exist between tables will, by default, show as a line. However, it is possible to show the name of the relationship as a label by clicking the following button.
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Table 6-5. Expressions Using sysdate Do Strange Things
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Figure 12-18. Silverlight application with styles Applied Now, let s say that you want to change the width of the text boxes in your application. Currently, their width is automatically set, but you would like to change them to a fixed width of 400 pixels. If you were using inline properties, as in the first two exercises in this chapter, you would need to set the property for each TextBox control in your application. However, since you are using Silverlight styles, you can simply change the TextBoxStyle, and all TextBox controls assigned to that style will be updated automatically. Let s see how this works. 12. To modify the TextBoxStyle property from Expression Blend, click the Resources panel. When you expand the UserControl item, you will see your two styles listed. To the right of TextBoxStyle, you will see an Edit Resource button, as shown in Figure 12-19. Click this button, and you will see that you have returned to the TextBoxStyle s design scope.
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Note You can also use a negative numeric value with the Add Days functoid, resulting in a date that is the
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Ubuntu is similar to Windows in many ways, but the developers behind it introduced improvements and tweaks that many claim make the software easier to use. For example, Ubuntu offers multiple virtual desktops long considered a very useful user-interface feature that seems to have passed by Microsoft.
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Stock Inventory Transfer Report Normal, Arial, 10pt, Bold ="Page :" & Globals!PageNumber & " of " & Globals!TotalPages 2pt
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Most security algorithms are well-documented in academic literature. However, the actual implementations of those algorithms tend to be written by for-profit companies who make money by licensing their use. Bouncy Castle started when two programmers grew tired of needing to reimplement standard security classes every time they switched projects. There is no great secret behind how each algorithm works the real secret is the key but such ad-hoc rewrites are not only tedious and time-consuming, they also increases the risk of writing a flaw that may allow the code to be exploited. The programmers decided to start a new project that would allow them and other developers to reuse a stable, proven base of cryptographic classes. Bouncy Castle contains a clean room implementation of major crypto classes, meaning that they were written based on documentation and not by looking at any pre-existing code. Therefore, no other company s patents or copyrights are applied to Bouncy Castle. The code is open source and made available under a version of the MIT X Consortium license, which is widely considered quite reasonable. The license is also quite short, so you should read it and understand it before using the code in your own project.
This code first creates an instance of the address service client (called myAddressService) and then uses it to get addresses for the ZIP code 6105. The rest of the code then reads the results into an XML document, creates a DataSet from it, and binds the grid to this DataSet. As you can see, from a coding point of view, you don t do anything special to communicate with the service everything is handled by the autogenerated proxies, which were built based on the defined contracts. Now that you have a simple service that runs with WCF, you can start playing with how to make it transactable, or add certificate-based security, or use WS-Reliability, among other things. A great resource for getting started on this is the Windows SDK. It contains a file ( that contains step-by-step instructions and code on how to achieve the most common tasks. Check out the extensibility samples in particular.
for incoming mail to the organization.
Ranges Compared to In-Lists
Configuring Your Data Connections
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