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If, at the command prompt, you try to copy, move or otherwise manipulate files that have spaces in their names, you ll run into problems. For example, suppose you want to move the file picture from germany.jpg to the directory mydirectory. In theory the following command should do the trick: mv picture from germany.jpg mydirectory/ But when we tried it on our test Ubuntu setup, we got the following errors: mv: cannot stat 'picture': No such file or directory mv: cannot stat 'from': No such file or directory mv: cannot stat 'germany.jpg': No such file or directory
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CHAPTER 3: Securing User Accounts
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The transaction isolation level. This will be the default of the underlying data store unless specified explicitly. Changing this value can have significant performance implications. The list of exceptions that would otherwise cause a rollback (that is, unchecked exceptions that should force a commit). An example declaration might be @Throwable(noRollbackFor= {MyRuntimeException.class}). Performs the same function as the noRollbackFor property but specifies the class name as a String instead of providing an instance of the Class object. This is more verbose and more error prone, so it holds little value and I do not recommend using it. The transaction propagation type, which defines the circumstances under which a new transaction should be created if one does not already exist as the method is invoked. The default propagation depends on the transaction manager being used, but is typically to create a new transaction if one has not yet been established. Flags that the transaction is to be opened in read-only mode, which will sometimes allow for some performance benefits.
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Figure 13-2. Server-side sink chain with the compression sink
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Query Create Query with Query Parser Run
Creating a Collection
cat mytextfile
version 3.7 ancient by RIM standards. There are just a few classes involved, all in package net.rim.plazmic.mediaengine and net.rim.plazmic.mediaengine.io. Caution: Although Plazmic support exists as far back as 3.7, there are many different versions of the CDK, and not all content will display in all versions. Even if your target phone supports Plazmic playback, check to ensure that you can author content that will display in it. One crucial difference between Plazmic and SVG is that Plazmic includes logic for handling the download of content. If you are loading a PMB over the network, you will receive regular updates about the status of that operation. This can be useful if you wish to show a loading message, progress bar, or other feedback to the user while loading. You can also bundle Plazmic content directly into your COD, which creates the standard tradeoffs between fast delivery and updateability. Tip: Due to a limitation in the RIM JDE, you cannot directly include Plazmic PMB files in your COD. Instead, ask for the PME file and all media files separately, then add them to your project. If image files are not in PNG format, configure your project to prevent them from being automatically converted to PNG. Plazmic s underlying representation is SVG, so it s no surprise that Plazmic playback resembles that of SVG. Plazmic offers three states: UNREALIZED, REALIZED, and STARTED. You move between the states by invoking methods on a MediaPlayer object, as shown in Figure 3-8. An UNREALIZED MediaPlayer is blank, with no content assigned to it. A REALIZED player has obtained its content, which can be a time-consuming operation: even once the content file has been loaded, all media resources within that file must be initialized and prepared. A STARTED player is actively playing its content.
Note The physical path on your computer may certainly be something else, but be sure to make the Port setting something other than the default 80, otherwise IIS might complain that port 80 is already taken.
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