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configure SMB, AFP, NFS, and FTP settings (looks very much like the old screen in Workgroup Manager) Once you ve set the options for your share point, click over to the Permissions tab, where you can determine who has access to shared data. From this point, access to share points is controlled by file system permissions. You ll see ACLs listed above POSIX permissions, and when you drag a user or group into the window, a blue line will appear, indicating that the object will stay if you drop it on the window. Finally, if you click on the Quotas tab and enable quotas, you ll find that you can t drag users and groups into the window. Using Server Admin, you can t configure users that don t have a home folder on the volume. You can, however, configure quotas at the command line.
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The transaction management that you looked at in the section Transactions Using Annotations could hardly have been simpler. The addition of this entry, shown in Listing 5-11, in the application context creates all of the appropriate AOP objects and uses the annotations on the relevant classes to manage transactionality.
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Function Name
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Generic Functions
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Telnet was once the primary method for remotely connecting to client systems with command line over remote shells. However, Telnet connections are unencrypted, and therefore insecure forms of transmitting information. As use of the Internet became more widespread, the security implications of having login credentials and user data transmitted in cleartext became unacceptable, and SSH was created. SSH is a better version of this technology, giving an administrator a remote shell (or Terminal access) to send commands to a user computer over a secure connection. These commands can be used to transfer files, connect to other systems, and run any Terminal commands. SSH should be used in those environments where opening a variety of ports to allow remote ARD connectivity is undesirable and where GUI level access is not needed to remotely manage the computer.
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Choices abound in the world of security. The rich resources of the built-in RIM crypto libraries and the free offerings of Bouncy Castle make it very unlikely that you will ever find yourself lacking crypto options. The bigger challenge is to make sense of what s out there and pick what makes the most sense for your app. If your app is for personal use or you just want to discourage potential hackers, very little is needed. Applying even the
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Figure 13-11. Repositioned ball on your grid If you look carefully at the timeline, you ll notice that a red circle has shown up at the left of the Ellipse control in the Objects and Timeline panel, with a white arrow indicating that the object contains an animation. In addition, in the timeline, at position 3 seconds, a white ellipse has appeared to the right of the Ellipse control. This is how Expression Blend visually represents a keyframe. At the top of the timeline, you will see buttons for navigating forward and backward between the frames in the animation. In addition, there is a play button that lets you view the animation. 8. Click the play button to view the animation. If you followed the steps properly, you will see the ball start at the top of the grid and slowly move to the top of the rectangle. You just created your first animation! However, it isn t very realistic. In a real environment, the ball would accelerate as it fell toward the rectangle. So its movement would start out slow and speed up. You can mimic this behavior by modifying your keyframe and adding a spline. 9. Select the newly added keyframe in the timeline. (When the keyframe is selected, it will turn gray instead of white.)
The next statement displays the DataSource property, which gives the server instance name for SQL Server database connections:
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