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Figure 3 64. The context menu of a map 3. If you re testing with the TestMap Input property set to XML or Native, and no instance currently exists, follow these steps: a. Right-click the source schema in the Solution Explorer, and select Properties. Set the path where an instance of the output document should be written. Click OK when the properties have been set appropriately. Right-click the source schema, and select Generate Instance. Open the document created in the previous step. BizTalk will give default values to all of the elements and attributes in the schema. Edit these with appropriate values for your testing needs. When you re generating instances from schemas, all Any elements and Any attributes will be created. These will fail validation when a map is tested. Either delete these from the generated instance or replace them with a value that would be expected. Right-click the map in the Solution Explorer, and select Properties. Set the TestMap Input Instance property to the path of the instance created in step 3c. Set the Test Map Input property to the appropriate type. Click OK. Right-click the map, and select Test Map. This will produce an output document that can be validated for accuracy. Check the Output window in Visual Studio for details in case of failure.
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CHAPTER 13: File Services
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File Sharing: Consists of three types of sharing. When FTP is enabled, ftpd is invoked through launchproxy. When AFP is enabled, /System/Library/CoreServices/AppleFileServer.app/Contents/MacOS/ AppleFileServer is invoked, which listens for network traffic on port 548. Securing this service is covered in 13. Printer Sharing: The cups process is running all the time, but is altered when sharing printers. Web Sharing: Launches multiple threads of httpd. Securing this service is covered in 14. Remote Login: Remote login is Apple s way of indicating that sash is enabled and invokes sshd. This can be controlled with the systemsetup command, using the -setremote login option, which can start or stop these daemons. Securing this service is covered in 15. Remote Management: Starts AppleVNCServer and VNCPrivilegeProxy as with Screen Sharing, but also starts the AppleVNCServer process. Securing this service is covered in 15. Xgrid Sharing: Enables xgridagentd and xgridagenthelper, allowing a server to use the processing power on the client for High Performance Computing (HPC). Internet Sharing: Starts the InternetSharing daemon, a basic Network Address Translation (NAT) implementation. Bluetooth Sharing: Uses blued. Bluetooth and also to share Bluetooth.
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CHAPTER 7: Securing Web Browsers and E-mail
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Follow these steps to add support for internationalized text to your app. 1. 2. Click File , New , Other , BlackBerry Projects , BlackBerry Resource File . Navigate to the package where your app is located. If your app uses multiple packages, I recommend selecting the highest-level common package. Give the file the same name as your app, with an extension of .rrh. For example, if your app is named BonjourWorld, name it BonjourWorld.rrh. Note: rrh stands for Resource Header. This header file is similar to a header file in C or C++. 4. 5. Observe that two files were created in your selected package with extensions .rrh and .rrc. rrc stands for Resource Content. If you d like to add support for other languages now, repeat steps 1 3, but this time append the language code to the app name and add the .rrc extension. For example, to create a US English language file, create BonjourWorld_en_US.rrc; to create a generic English language file, create BonjourWorld_en.rrc. Double-click the .rrh file to open it. You should see a grid similar to that shown in Figure 10-3.
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Weblogs: Guides to the Web
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We have one important step left; that is to highlight any invoice that is 90 or more days old. This is very simple to do. All we need to do is apply the FontStyle and FontWeight properties of the details row (TableRow3) inside table1. Please use the following FontStyle expression: =IIF(Fields!InvoiceAge.Value >= 90,"Italic","Normal") Similarly, use the following expression for FontWeight: =IIF(Fields!InvoiceAge.Value >= 90,"Bold","Normal"). One last step before we say the design for the body section is complete let s make the report look pretty. The properties are applicable to any selected row or column. Please make sure the report design properties for table1 are set according to Table 5-3. Table 5-3. Table Item Properties for the Body Section
will appear to tell you that the changes are completed. Click the Close button.
For example, the functional programming design methodology places great importance on constructs that are compositional. For example, in F#, you can map a function over a list of lists as follows: let map2 f inp = List.map (List.map f) inp This is a simple example of the inherent compositionality of generic functions: the expression List.map f produces a new function that can in turn be used as the argument to List.map. Understanding compositionality is the key to understanding much of what goes by the name of functional programming. For example, functional programmers aren t interested in a lack of side effects just for the sake of it instead, they like programs that don t use side effects because such program tend to be more compositional than those that do. Functional programming often goes further by emphasizing transformations that preserve behavior. For example, you expect to be able to make the following refactorings to your code regardless of the function f or of the values inp, x, or rest: List.hd (x :: rest) x List.filter f (List.concat inp)
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