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Thin Client
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fied by four double values, with the first two being the x and y of the curve s control point and the latter two being the x and y of the endpoint
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Note OpenOffice.org also supports Rich Text Format (RTF) text documents and comma-separated value
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Adding the Web Reference to the WinFormClient Project
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phpBB 3.0 offers many new enhancements to making posts and reading topics. Here s an overview: Topic icons: You can now select a topic icon to sit next to the topic title in the forum view, which acts as sort of an emoticon for your posts. You, as the administrator, have full control over how many topic icons are available, if you decide to allow the feature. The topic icon functionality works a great deal like the emoticon functionality, right down to being able to create a topic icon pack.
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Determine Windows Partition Size Once you have found the NTFS partition, you should determine how much space should be retained in your Windows partition so that Windows will still function properly while providing a sufficient amount of space for Ubuntu. At the bare minimum, your Windows partition should have 2GB of available disk space for new applications, software upgrades, and your data. You should free up as much space as possible for Ubuntu. But if disk space is a concern, you will need to determine the minimum of disk space that should be put aside for the main and swap partitions of Ubuntu. The main partition will contain the Ubuntu operating system itself. The main partition should have at least 3GB of disk space (2GB for the base installation and the rest for new applications, software upgrades, and your data). The swap partition is similar to the swap file under Windows (sometimes referred to as virtual memory or the paging file), except that it resides on its own partition. The swap partition acts as additional memory should the main memory become full. Because accessing the hard disk takes longer than accessing the RAM, using the swap partition is undesirable and is a last resort. However, all operating systems need this partition just in case. Additionally, the swap file is used when the computer enters Hibernate (Suspend to Disk) power-saving mode. The size of the swap partition depends on the size of your physical RAM. See Table 5-1 for some suggestion. However, if you want to use the Hibernate feature on your computer, your swap partition size should be at least equal to the size of the physical RAM.
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re-creating the index, as this is all done for you behind the scenes.
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In this section, you will learn how to secure data that gets stored on a Windows Phone device. While the data in Isolated Storage is sandboxed for each application i.e., an application cannot access the contents of Isolated Storage of another application it is still important to encrypt sensitive data stored on the device. Encrypting data makes it impossible for anybody other than the data owner to read that data, something that is especially critical for enterprise users. Windows Phone 7 provides a powerful subset of .Net encryption classes, which make data encryption not only possible, but extremely easy on this device. The following data encryption algorithms are supported on Windows Phone 7: AES HMACSHA1 HMACSHA256 Rfc2898DeriveBytes SHA1 SHA256
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Figure 5-6. Configure Exchange in Mail.app
Figure 14-9. Editing your user profile
What gets logged can be determined by the application or by the operating system. This differs for each program, and what gets logged can be configured manually. The act of escalating your privileges is typically logged, as are failed attempts to do so. Many items are logged for the purposes of troubleshooting, but when it comes to security, any item that elevates privileges, references a password entry, or indicates the occurrence of an application failure should be logged. A log entry can be as simple as one line indicating the deletion of a file, or as detailed as each file created during an installation or process. The following shows a portion of the output of the install.log file during the installation of the Mac OS X Server Admin tools. The install log shows each file created during the process as well as the corresponding date, time, and system on which each was created (or touched).
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