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7. Run the program with Ctrl+F5. Click the ADO.NET Exception-1 button, and you see the message box in Figure 13-2. Click Quit.
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admin/settings admin/settings/user admin/user/create admin/access/rules admin/modules admin/block admin/comment/configure admin/filters admin/node admin/themes admin/taxonomy
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So, how do you like the reporting projects so far Easy reports, right Well, I think so too. Let s develop a report that is a little bit more challenging now. How about a report that uses data with a master/detail relationship In the next report, I ll show you not only how to report on master/detail data but also how to use the subreport feature of RS.
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This pane contains a Configure Data Source link. Selecting this link will launch the SQL Server Connection wizard (see Figure 4-20). The first step in this wizard is to select a database connection, if one already exists.
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You might know more about your users now than their own mothers do. With access to their daily schedule, circle of friends and business associates, and lists of what s important to them, your app has a great shot at making itself more useful and interesting. With this level of trust comes an enormous responsibility. Many users are leery of sharing their private information, and you will quickly lose their trust if you start mining that data for your own purposes. With that warning in mind, users are more amenable than ever before to sharing information about themselves so long as they are rewarded for doing so, whether it s in the form of entertainment, convenience, or winning achievements. Most successful apps that use PIM will fall into one of two categories. Either they are fundamentally about personal information, or they use PIM to supplement their main purpose. If your app falls into the first category, you can use the information with confidence, so long as you disclose it; simply by installing your app, a user has indicated her interest in sharing data with you. In the latter case, in order for your app to be popular it s important that it degrades gracefully in the absence of permission. If your app provides a carpooling service, and lets users upload their address books to find other carpoolers, it should continue to run even if the users don t feel comfortable sharing that data; people can still search and see who else wants to carpool. Once you have established a sufficient level of trust, most users will eventually choose to share their data for their own convenience. The key is to be forthright in what data you collect, how you will use that data, and what will happen if the data isn t shared. In 7, you ll continue your tour through the powerful set of built-in applications by examining the browser. The few BlackBerry users who don t use the device s PIM features will almost certainly pop open a browser from time to time, and you will soon learn how to take advantage of it.
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Open the Reservations.xaml file and select the XAML tab. Replace the generated code with the code shown in Listing 9-1.
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To access the contents of the SqlDataReader, the Read function is called. This reads a single record at a time. As we have at most one record, we call this once. Calling this function loads the next record, and returns true if it succeeds (i.e., if there is a next record), and false if it doesn t. Thus, in this case, we can gate the sqlRead.Read, and in the true clause handle the loading and writing of the image to the response. In the false clause, we can provide an error message. Here s the code:
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Figure 3-24. UML diagram of the multiserver example
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Alarm app Browser Calendar in view mode Calendar event in view or edit modes Camera preview
SORT (JOIN) TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (Cost=29 Card=10000 Bytes=150000)
second to see a tooltip showing what it does.
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