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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
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the Close button.
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First, open the interface code for the application delegate and add an integer to represent the paddle s position.
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DHCP: The client will trust only servers specified in Option 95 of their
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The following exercise will give you a first look at the RadioButton and CheckBox controls. You will build a simple survey, as shown in Figure 4-13.
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This DAV service requires a secure connection (SSL): The public folder
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Introduction to Portals and Portlets
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The HTML elements are taken out and XML tags, including the XML declaration tag, are introduced into the code. This JSP creates XML. An XSLT stylesheet can be applied to the XML to generate XHTML. I won t go into how that happens, because it s not relevant to your purpose here. Assuming this JSP is accessible via a URL, say http://localhost:8080/generateXML.jsp, it can be consumed in Flex using the HTTPService component. Flex has rich capabilities for XML parsing. Its XML capabilities can be utilized to bind the data effectively to the desired interfaces. The HTTPService code in MXML could be as follows:
Management tool in the Administration panel to disable the abusive user s ability to send private messages.
The ScaleTransform type allows you to transform the size of a Silverlight object. The ScaleX property is used to scale the object on the horizontal axis, and the ScaleY property is used to scale the object on the vertical axis. The values of these properties are multiples of the object s original size. For example, setting the ScaleX property to 2 will double the size of the object on the horizontal axis. The following XAML was used to create the ScaleTransform in Figure 13-16:
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