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The key thing to know here, is that /usr/bin/env is a very commonly supported binary, and will cause the shell to search through its $PATH to locate the Python executable. If that s found in our path, this executable will be used as the interpreter for the script. The $PATH variable is an environmental variable used by nearly all shells and specifies a number of directories that should be consulted when searching for a binary. This variable contains a colon-delimited string of directories, and will search through them in order of preference from left to right. For instance, if I run the command echo $PATH, I will see all of the directories in my path:
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A KVM switch doesn t allow Ubuntu to correctly probe the attached hardware. Consider attaching the keyboard, monitor, and mouse directly to the computer for the duration of the installation.
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First, you ll define the workflow used to send a request to another branch. Replace the ReservationWF class that was generated by the template with the code shown in Listing 8-6. Listing 8-6. Initial Implementation of the SendRequest Class public sealed class SendRequest : Activity { // Define the input and output arguments public InArgument<string> Title { get; set; } public InArgument<string> Author { get; set; } public InArgument<string> ISBN { get; set; } public OutArgument<ReservationResponse> Response { get; set; } public SendRequest()
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Table 7-4. Continued Method or Property Name
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Figure 7 13. Setting the Priority property
private Set links; private Set visited; private Set visitedHosts; private Set forbidden; private Set failed; private int depth;
The first field on the block configuration page, Custom Visibility Settings, deals with the question of whether authenticated users should be able to customize which blocks are visible to them when they visit the site. The first option, Users cannot control whether or not they see this block, means essentially that the administrator-defined visibility settings are to be honored, and the user will not be given the choice to enable/disable this block. The other two options, Show this block by default, but let individual users hide it and Hide this block by default but let individual users show it, both allow users to enable/disable the block for themselves, but differ in whether the block is initially shown or not shown. (Users can enable or disable custom blocks from their user account editing page, user/uid/edit.)
If your hosting service provides traffic statistics derived from your web server logs, those can be another way to monitor your traffic. Figure 18-9 shows a typical monthly chart from the Webalizer package ( From a chart like this, you can get a good idea of the growth of your traffic and look for trends that look like you might be exceeding your bandwidth allowance. Figure 18-10 shows another statistics report from the Webalizer package. This particular report shows the URLs that use the most bandwidth. In this example, you see that the third page in the list has managed to generate almost 1.3% of the traffic, despite having only 791 hits. Compare that to the first page in the list, which has of 22,000 hits for 7.4% of the traffic. In other words, that third file is using a disproportionate amount of bandwidth allowance. I investigated that post on my blog and saw that it has more than 530 comments, making it a huge, 400KB page. I can choose to address this issue in some way, perhaps by trimming the comments that are over a year old. Many statistics package provide reports like this that allow you to delve into the aggregated data from your server s web logs.
TIME+ COMMAND 6:11.72 Xorg
Figure 2-9. New LDAP Connection dialog box
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