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Our example indexer reads the list of files in a directory on the file system and indexes all of those files. It takes the path to the directory that contains the content files and a path to the directory that will contain the Lucene index as arguments. Lucene comes with a demo application that is slightly more advanced than our example; it recursively searches through the directory on the file system to build the list of files. The PDFBox (www.pdfbox.org) project has an improved version of the Lucene demo indexer that also uses the PDFBox PDF parser to build Lucene documents.
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Now, whenever MyVolume is plugged in, the script will fire, pass its test, and perform the sync. Alternatively, you may want to fire a script whenever a network configuration changes. Network configuration changes occur whenever an interface is taken off or brought online, and therefore can be a good way to trigger a script when a machine first joins your network. This can be handy for initiating client-side backups on laptops that are rarely in the office. By configuring a backup to fire at network change, you can ensure these mostly absent machines don't waste any time in initiating their backup upon returning to the network. Previously this type of script was fired off using a component of the system configuration framework called configd. However, configd kicker scripts are no more, though open source equivalents such as crankd may be useful). Depending on your needs, a simple launchd watcher-called script should suffice for network changes.
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Figure 13-12. Final look of the data table dtDashboard
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If you are using Visual C++ and managed extensions for C++, this tutorial might be interesting for you. It focuses on .NET Remoting when writing applications with managed C++. http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/vcmex/html/ vcgrfmanagedextensionsforcnetremotingtutorial.asp
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well as corrupt SQL Server itself. He or she could even set up tasks that e-mail data to a remote location as it is being processed. It is essential to set up a strong password on the sa account in the Authentication Mode screen if you choose mixed mode. It is a major improvement in SQL Server 2005 that you are now forced to enter a password, although it is possible to set up a very easily guessed password. Do not use passwords such as password or adminpwd, for example. Always keep the password safe, but also make a note of it in a safe place. If you forget the sa password and this is the only administration ID that exists, you will need to reinstall SQL Server to get out of this problem. A good password is one that mixes numbers and letters, but doesn t always include letters than can be made into numbers and numbers into letters in all cases. For example, pa55word is just as easy to guess as password. Or 4pr355 for Apress. There is also another reason not to log on to SQL Server with the sa username. At times it will be essential to know who is running a particular query on a SQL Server database. In a production database, someone may be running an update of the data, which is filling up the disk space or filling up the transaction log. We need to contact that person to check whether he or she can stop the process. If that person logs in as sa, we will have no idea who he or she is. However, if that person logged on with an identifiable name, he or she would have an ID in SQL Server, which we could track. By restricting the sa login so that people have to use their own accounts, we can ensure a much higher degree of system monitoring and integrity. There will be times that we want mixed mode authentication; it is perfectly acceptable to wish this. Internet providers use mixed mode, as many applications may be on one web server. If this ISP is a reseller (in other words, many people around the globe use the one computer), you will not want these people to have the ability to see your data. We have also decided not to have sa as an administration logon at this point. So what do we do Well, we create a logon ID that will have the access privileges we wish; in other words, the ability to just see the data and work with the data that we need, and no more. The ISP may require you to supply a user ID and password that it uses to create an account on its SQL Server instance. You will encounter more about this in 4.
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Once the plan has been built, it will be stored within SQL Server, but will have been built as a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) job. This is a technique within SQL Server for running several tasks in sequence with conditions, which also has the ability to work with errors that occur. SSIS could take up a whole book in itself, but building the plan and seeing what is generated will demonstrate the very basics of what it can achieve.
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Figure 16 10. Binding to Open Directory in Snow Leopard
Returns the validity of the request s session ID. Calls isRequestedSessionIdValid() on the portlet s PortletRequest object. Returns a Boolean indicating secure communication. Calls isSecure() on the portlet s PortletRequest object. Same as Servlet 2.3 specification. Removes an attribute on the request object. Calls removeAttribute() on the portlet s PortletRequest object. Sets an attribute on the request object. Calls setAttribute() on the portlet s PortletRequest object. Returns null; does nothing.
[super viewDidLoad]; }
Exporting Policies
String received; int separation = received.indexOf('\n'); String receivedHash = received.substring(separation + 1); String message = received.substring(0, separation); byte[] messageBytes = message.getBytes(); String postfix = "caesar"; byte[] postfixBytes = postfix.getBytes(); SHA1Digest digest = new SHA1Digest(); digest.update(messageBytes, 0, messageBytes.length); digest.update(postfixBytes, 0, postfixBytes.length); byte[] calculatedHash = new byte[digest.getDigestSize()]; digest.doFinal(calculatedHash, 0); ByteArrayOutputStream output = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); Base64Encoder base64 = new Base64Encoder(); base64.decode(receivedHash, output); byte[] receivedHashBytes = output.toByteArray(); if (Arrays.equals(calculatedHash, receivedHashBytes)) { System.out.println("Message is valid."); } else { System.out.println("Et tu, Internet "); }
This will copy the file README to your /home directory, which you indicate using the ~ symbol. Then fire up vim with the file, like this:
account in the list on the right side.
In the past, setting up an environment to work with Microsoft s latest and greatest has been relatively straightforward, typically involving only the setup of the latest version of Visual Studio and the appropriate software development kit. However, with Silverlight, the situation is quite a bit different due to the introduction of many new tools. Let s look at the tools involved in setting up a Silverlight 4 development environment. 1. Visual Studio 2010: As noted, this is the latest version of Microsoft s IDE, the successor to Visual Studio 2008 (see Figure 1-8). For your Silverlight environment you should install Visual Studio 2010, which automatically installs Microsoft .NET Framework 4. 2 covers Visual Studio 2010 in more depth.
AsyncResultSink IMessageSink
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