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Transformation Types
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URL robotLink = new URL(link,"/robots.txt"); connection = (HttpURLConnection)robotLink.openConnection();
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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging
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Exposing an Existing Application As a Portlet
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thread of execution, so all computation happens on the GUI thread. This can lead to problems such as nonresponsive user interfaces. This is one of many reasons it s important to master some of the techniques of concurrent and asynchronous programming.
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After you ve installed Device Manager, you can open it by selecting Applications System Tools Device Manager. You ll need to click View Device Properties to ensure Device Manager adds the useful Properties tab. You should be aware of a few important differences between the Windows and Ubuntu versions of Device Manager. Though the aim of Ubuntu s Device Manager is to manage hardware devices, the project is still in its infancy and can only provide hardware information as of the time of writing. On the other hand, Ubuntu s list is far more comprehensive than that in Windows. In Ubuntu, Device Manager thoroughly probes the hardware to discover its capabilities. Perhaps the biggest difference, however, is that just because a piece of hardware is listed within Ubuntu s Device Manager, it doesn t mean that the hardware is configured to work with Ubuntu. In fact, it doesn t even imply that the hardware will ever work under Ubuntu. Device Manager s list is simply the result of probing devices attached to the various system buses (PCI, AGP, USB, and so on) and reporting the data. Nonetheless, Device Manager is the best starting place if you find that a certain piece of hardware isn t working. If a piece of hardware is listed, then it proves, if nothing else, that the system recognizes that the hardware is attached. For example, later in this chapter, I ll describe how you can use Device Manager to discover crucial details about wireless network devices, which we will then use to install drivers.
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In-Service Training
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Exception Handling
Using chown and chmod to Manage Permissions
Querying Exception Object Values with Immediate Window
select * from openxml( @xdocp, '/states/state/city', 0 )
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