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Enable the BlogAPI module and configure it from the admin/settings/blogapi page, which has only one field to configure. The Blog Types field allows you to select the blog content types to publish. The BlogAPI module allows you to create virtually any content type from your desktop publishing client. If you select more than one type of content in the Blog Types field, your blogging client will later give you the choice of which blog to publish to. This refers to which content type you wish to create.
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Remoting.Corba (pronounced remoting dot corba) is a project that aims to integrate CORBA/ IIOP support into the .NET Remoting architecture. The goal is to allow .NET programmers to use C# and Visual Basic .NET to develop systems that interoperate with systems that support the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP), including CORBA systems and various application servers and middleware technologies. http://remoting-corba.sourceforge.net/
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In a denormalized form, the table would look like this after running the BTSXRefImport tool:
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The code declares a variable of type XmlNodeList at the form level. This variable needs to be declared at the form level because we need to access it in two event handlers. In the Click event handler of the Search button, an XmlDocument instance is created. The Employees.xml file is loaded into it by using its Load() method. The code then calls the GetElementByTagName() method of the XmlDocument object, which accepts the tag name to look for. In our application, the tag is specified in textBox1. As mentioned earlier, the return value of the GetElementByTagName() method is of type XmlNodeList. The XmlNodeList class stores the collection of XmlNode objects. The code then iterates through the returned XmlNodeList and adds each node name into the list box. The user can select any of the nodes displayed in the list box. In order to show the contents of the selected node, the code handles the SelectedIndexChanged event of the list box. Inside the SelectedIndexChanged event handler, the selected node is retrieved from the XmlNodeList we stored previously. The contents of the selected node are displayed using the InnerXml property of the XmlNode class, which returns all the XML content that is inside the node under consideration. To see how the application works, run it from the Visual Studio IDE. Enter firstname in the search text box, and click the Search button. The list box should display three firstname entries. This is expected because our XML document contains three <employee> nodes, each having a <firstname> child element of its own. Click any of the firstname entries from the list box. The text box beside the list box should show the value of the firstname node.
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Note For a less resource intensive, though less informative, approach, I have also written four scripts that
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(send ports or orchestrations) have processed the message. Some solutions can have maps but no orchestrations; the maps are added to the receive and/or send ports.
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Connecting to Windows XP Professional, 2000, and NT
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Figure 9-1. NetNewsWire Lite presenting a set of RSS feeds
public function load(file:String):void { service = new HTTPService(); service.url = file; service.resultFormat = "e4x"; service.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, onResult); service.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, onFault); service.send(); }
Historically, the Mac OS has had only rudimentary facilities for application identification, and really no methods for application authentication. That is, an application can identify itself, but there was no way for it to absolutely prove its identity. With the original Mac OS, application identification was stored primarily in an application s resource fork in the form of a four-byte string called the creator code. This creator code was then used by the operating system to associate data files with their respective application, and thus there was no need for the standard three-letter extension used by other operating systems (.exe, .doc, .txt). In the old days, this actually worked out very well, and is one of the reasons that in the early days the Mac had been considered to a be more userfriendly platform. Unfortunately the system just didn t hold up in the modern day for a number of reasons. Four bytes of data equate to four characters, and certainly the possibility for collisions (two applications with the same creator code) is fairly high. To address this issue, Apple provided a registration system and database that ensured that all Mac OS developers applications had unique identifiers. It was cumbersome, but it worked, and developers could reasonably assume that their application s identifier was unique. The other problem with creator codes as a means for application identification is that there is absolutely no way to prevent your creator code from being hijacked: if an unscrupulous party wants to create an application using your creator code, there is nothing to stop them from doing so. Once that application hits the system, there is a chance that when a user double-clicks on a file meant for your application, it will, instead, open in the malicious application. There never was a great way for guaranteeing the association of data to a specific application in such an event; the Mac OS contained a database called the Desktop Database that maintained a list of all files, applications, and creator code associations. When an application saved a file, that file would be associated with your application, and the association would be saved in the Desktop Database. Such files would continue to open in your application. The problem here is that when any files were introduced to your system from a third party (file server, e-mail, and so on), that association would not already exist, and the system would automatically try to associate the file to the appropriate application. In the event that there are two applications with this creator code (yours and the bad guys,
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