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CHAPTER 14: Web Site Security
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CoreBuild BeforeCompile
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Implementing new transport channels can be a heavy challenge. The Remoting Channel Framework Extension introduced on GotDotNet provides you with some additional classes based on the existing .NET Remoting infrastructure that makes development of transport channels easier. http://www.gotdotnet.com/Community/UserSamples/Details.aspx SampleGuid= 3c35d911-e138-4ce9-87bc-47f0525ca203
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DataInputStream dis = null; try { dis = connection.openDataInputStream(); String bestPlayer = dis.readUTF(); int highScore = dis.readInt(); System.out.println(bestPlayer + " scored " + highScore + " points."); } catch (IOException ioe) { System.err.println(ioe); ioe.printStackTrace(); } finally { if (dis != null) {
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Finally, update the page.tpl.php file with the line of code shown in bold: <div id="main"> < php print $content_top; > < php print $breadcrumb > <h1 class="title">< php print $title ></h1> <div class="tabs">< php print $tabs ></div> < php print $help > < php print $messages > < php print $content; > </div> <!-- this is the other block region -->
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Configuration file; any file that contains the list of settings for a program. Sometimes it s necessary to edit config files by hand using programs like vi or Emacs, but often the program itself will write its config file according to the settings you choose.
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When is this useful Quite frequently. In fact, whenever a parent-child relationship exists between tables, despite the fact that referential integrity is maintained, some parent rows might not have related rows in the child table, because child rows might be allowed to have null foreign key values and therefore not match any row in the parent table. This situation doesn t exist in the original Orders and Employees data, so you ll have to add some data before you can see the effect of outer joins. You need to add an employee so you have a row in the Employees table that doesn t have related rows in Orders. To keep things simple, you ll provide data only for the columns that aren t nullable.
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So now we know what a sandbox profile looks like, but that is really only half of the picture. In the next section, we ll review some possible scenarios where sandboxing can be used to dramatically improve the security outlook. If you are an administer that provides shell access to your users, if you deploy automations utilizing pre-shared keys for passwordless authentication between machines, or if you are simply looking to provide a safety barrier from a root-run process, then the following profiles will serve as a good primer towards implementing your own sandboxes.
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By default, Safari accepts cookies from every site that wants to give them to you. To configure Safari to accept cookies only from sites that you visit, while in Security preferences, choose Only from sites I visit in the Accept cookies section. Safari gives the user the ability to limit cookies rather than disabling them, and for good reason: disabling cookies can cause annoying compatibility issues with more advanced web sites. Web browser attacks on the Mac (such as home page hijacking, infiltrating your file system through a web browser, or installing applications onto the workstation) are more likely than getting a virus on a Mac. Good security dictates that if there are features included in browsers that you do not use, you should typically disable them. Some features, such as Java-based plug-ins, can reconfigure your operating system. Therefore, Apple has seen fit to give you the ability to disable Java plug-ins within your browser. Windows has had a hard time with browser plug-ins. This is one area where your surfing can seem to come to a crippling halt in a Windows environment because of plug-ins that waste system resources, including those not related to browsing the Internet. For debatable reasons, browser plug-ins have not been a huge concern on the Mac platform. You can see which browser plug-ins have been installed in Safari by clicking Help and selecting Installed Plug-ins. If you take a look at the list that appears, you ll
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Caution: In order to keep the listings as focused and useful as possible, the short code snippets that you ll see like this will show only the most pertinent parts of an operation. They omit standard boilerplate that actual apps must include (like catching exceptions) or should include (like checking return values for validity). The longer listings at the end of each chapter are designed to show fully functioning programs, and these do include all required exception handling. That being said, it is very important to think about those exceptions. They aren t just there to inconvenience you, but to warn about very likely possibilities. Even if you have verified that your device supports an operation, there is a host of reasons why it might fail. For example, some other application might have an exclusive lock on the resource, or you may have insufficient permissions. You should be prepared to catch a MediaException and IOException from nearly every MMAPI method call, and take a sensible action in response.
Figure 1-15. The SignUpApproved page with controls
How Do You Handle Partial Use of a Multicolumn Index
3. Make this the startup project, and run it with Ctrl+F5. You should see the result in Figure 7-3. (Only the first 20 rows are displayed in the figure.)
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