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Figure 11-5. Using a mapping application
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NdisWrapper consists of two components: a kernel module and configuration tools. The kernel module comes as part of the default kernel package, so is installed by default, but you will need to download and install the configuration tools manually. To do so, using another computer that is already online (or by switching to Windows XP if you dual-boot), visit the following addresses using a web browser:
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Figure 20-6. Creating a new RuleSet There are no existing rulesets, so click the New link to create a new RuleSet. This will display the Rule Set Editor ( (see Figure 20-7).
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In my opinion the most important authentication protocols that can be used in Windows are NTLM, Kerberos, and Negotiate. I want to give you a brief overview of how these protocols conceptually work so that you know the differences and you are able to select the appropriate authentication protocol for your solutions. Although each of the authentication protocols works differently, they share one common thing: they require you to trust an authority that knows all the details about valid users and machines. When logging on to a machine using a local machine account, this authority is the local security authority subsystem (LSASS). If you log on to a domain using your domain user account, the domain controller acts as an authority who knows the details about the user account in this case the actual authentication is performed by the domain controller and therefore the local machine has to trust the domain controller.
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Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.OleDB
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Using Cards on the Web
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The Mage window has a toolbar that allows you to create a new application manifest, create a new deployment manifest, open existing manifest files, and save modified manifests. You ll start by creating the application manifest.
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Sometimes even a small setting such as text alignment can do wonders for the appearance of your report. For example, imagine a report with the currency output left aligned; sure, it ll look weird. Sometimes, data looks best if it is centered inside the column. Figure 2-20 illustrates how to access the text alignment and the text decoration properties of a report item.
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Selectivity (7) = (9 6) / (12 1) + 1/12 Selectivity (8) = (9 6) / (12 1) + 1/12 Selectivity (9) = (9 6) / (12 1) ( >= , < ) ( > , <= ) ( > , <)
If we want to serve an audio file via progressive download, we can just use AudioElement instead of VideoElement.
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