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Learning to use the shell involves learning terms like these. Hundreds of commands are available, but you really need to learn only around 10 or 20 for everyday use. The comparison with a new language is apt because, although you might think it daunting to learn new terminology, with a bit of practice, it will all become second nature. Once you ve used a command a few times, you ll know how to use it in the future. The main thing to realize is that the shell is your friend. It s there to help you get stuff done as quickly as possible. When you become familiar with it, you ll see that it is a beautiful concept. The shell is simple, elegant, and powerful.
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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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Figure 14-4. The find command is useful for finding files but isn t problem-free.
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Figure 5-18. Adding a skin file
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Note Visual Studio 2008 Team System introduced support for unit testing integrated in the UI for programming
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Try It Out: Creating a Command with a Constructor
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the packages have been installed successfully, click the Close button. At this point, your multimedia file will play in Totem.
4. When the Confirm Installation window appears (see Figure 18-4), click Next.
It is then possible to place the user into a role: either a predefined role or, more likely, a custom role that you create. This role can be used to determine what can and cannot be accessed within SQL Server tables, views, stored procedures, and any other object. Therefore, a role allows groups of users in one statement to be granted or revoked access to objects within SQL Server. Without roles, as new people join and as old people leave, or people move between departments, you would need to grant or revoke privileges as required quite an onerous task. Finally, when creating objects. as you will see in the next few chapters, these objects are owned by schemas. This allows for groups of objects to belong to a specific schema rather than a specific user login. This also reduces the overhead of granting privileges and allows the grouping of objects that belong together, making your application easier to understanding. This chapter continued our coverage of security within SQL Server 2005. At this point in the book, you now know about SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication, and you have discovered how to control access to databases. Even during the installation process, the sa login and password enforcement were discussed on that special account. Our discussions on security are by no means finished because there are still several areas that we need to explore together, which we will do as we go through the book. Security is the most important part of ensuring that your organization continues to have the ability to work. A security breach could result in lost income and will certainly mean that many people will be unable to do their work. It can also lead to unfulfilled orders, backlogs, or even fraudulent transactions. Regardless of whether you have the most well-designed database or the most poorly performing application ever, if you allow the wrong person into the wrong database, the result will be catastrophic.
In the preceding section, we discussed how people tend to blame things they do not understand. Another fact that you need to get used to is that people rarely go out of their way to give you credit for the things you do or suggest should be done. I have never once come to work to be told, Nice job last night, our batch load ran two seconds faster than expected. But if it runs two seconds longer, then you may be asked to start on a Star Trek type Level 5 diagnostic, whatever that means. You are going to find out quickly that the only time you get noticed is when things go wrong. Some DBAs start to think that the only way they can show value is if they are always around to fix the things that go wrong. Personally I would rather build out an environment that hums along nicely without anything ever going wrong to begin with, even if that means I will never be noticed. If you do find yourself in the situation where you are not being noticed, then what you need to do is start building out some metrics. Start with something simple, like your database backups. Track how many backups were taken in the past week and how many backups failed. At some point, perhaps a month or two, you can use the data to report to your manager. If you have reduced the number of backup failures over time, then this report is going to help you demonstrate your value to the company in a way that did not require something to go wrong before you got noticed. TIP: Metrics and reporting are ways for you to demonstrate your value; use them wisely. Metrics are a wonderful way for you to build up a stable environment, report on the good work you are doing, and show value besides during a disaster. Besides tracking backups and backup failures, here are a few other good items to track over time: Number of databases (broken down to production, nonproduction, etc.) Amount of space used on disk by database files Amount of space used by database backups Amount of time taken to back up databases Number of database restores Number of new databases created All of this information is readily available in the system databases, and will go a long way to help you make certain that people are aware of your work behind the scenes.
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