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If you wish to verify the checksum for data you have received, follow the exact same code as before, comparing the calculated base64Checksum with the version you received. If they are identical, the message was not corrupted since it was sent. You may also use a cryptographic signing strategy if you wish to verify the authenticity of the sender.
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This exercise simulates an invoice tracking system. The simulation will have site navigation in the form of a SiteMapPath control. Because all the invoices are going to be similar in what they display except for the company name, items, and the price of the invoice, there will be only one page to display all invoices: Invoices.aspx. 1. Start by adding two Web Forms to your web project: Default.aspx and Invoices.aspx. The Default.aspx page will automatically be added when creating the new project. 2. For the Default.aspx page, add a SiteMapDataSource control and a SiteMapPath control. In addition to these controls, you are going to add ve hyperlinks that will simulate ve different invoices in your system. The HTML code appears next, where a series of hyperlinks will be set in which each link has a query string with a different value.
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Simply press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time. This emulates a middle-click, although it takes a little skill to get right. Generally speaking, you need to press one button a fraction of a second before you press the other button.
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notice any problems while running in the emulator, but, once you start running it on devices, you may run across some things that don t work properly: maybe the audio recording doesn t start, or the file isn t saved, or you can t invoke it via CHAPI. Fortunately, by using knowledge from this chapter, you can help mitigate these problems. When the app starts up, check if you have the permissions necessary to run. If so, proceed as normal. If not, ask the user to grant you the proper permissions, and refuse to start unless you get them.
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txtReportTitle New Complaints Report txtCompanyTitle Home Decorations Inc. txtPrintDate ="Print Date: " & Today txtPageNumber ="Page: " & Globals!PageNumber & "/" & Globals!TotalPages lineHeader 1pt
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The Profile module exposes a Drupal path profile, which generates a list of all users in your system along with their public profile information. If you have the Menu module enabled, you can activate the menu item in the main navigation menu called user list, which is a link to the profile page. For every field that you have given a page title, there is a special listing page for users who have entered like values: profile/form_name/value For example, users who answered guitar for the Instrument field would be listed on a page with this path: profile/profile_instrument/guitar
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Figure 1-11. An example report using the tabular details pattern
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private function loadContent_onComplete(event:Event):void { content = event.target.content; var onContentApplicationComplete: Function = function(event:Event):void { // content loaded successfully } content.addEventListener (FlexEvent.APPLICATION_COMPLETE, onContentApplicationComplete); } private function ioErrorHandler(event:IOErrorEvent):void { loader.contentLoaderInfo.removeEventListener (IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioErrorHandler); Alert.show(event.text);
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The File System Explained
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6. Each product will have its own statement, but only banking statements will be produced on request. 7. Trading of stock shares is allowed, so the system needs to record and display the current value for a customer s specific share at any time. Notice how the information in this list is in no set order, as this is how information tends to come out. Also notice that there is also a little bit of duplication of information in points 2 and 6; if this is not realized and understood, it could cause problems.
Launch Visual Studio 2010 Express and select the Windows Phone Application template. Change the Project Name to Theming, select OK, and Visual Studio will set up a new project. Open MainPage.xaml in design mode and add a text box, textblock, check box, button, and a black rectangular shape to the page. Your end goal is a simple interface that resembles the one in Figure 9 2. Here s the XAML:
// Display the current scores and tiles in the bag or // in each player's rack. void PrintScores() { Console::Write("Current stats: "); if (bag->Count != 0) { Console::WriteLine("{0} tiles remaining in tile bag.", bag->Count); } else { Console::WriteLine("No tiles remaining in tile bag."); } for (int i = 0; i < nPlayer; i++) { Console::WriteLine("{0,-10} -- Score: {1,3} Number of tiles: {2} -- ", players[i]->Name, players[i]->Score, players[i]->TileCount); } } // Display the permanent gameboard (overload). void PrintBoard() { PrintBoard(gameBoard); } // Display the gameboard. This overload takes a board // as an argument, so it is possible to display the proposed // play before committing it to the permanent gameboard. void PrintBoard(array<Tile^, 2>^ board) { Console::WriteLine(); Console::Write(" "); for (int i = 0; i < BOARD_SIZE; i++) Console::Write(" {0:X1} ", i); Console::WriteLine(); for (int i = 0; i < BOARD_SIZE; i++) { Console::Write(" {0:X1} ", i); for (int j = 0; j < BOARD_SIZE; j++) {
The Sales.CreditCard table contains the details for customers credit cards. You need to total the cards of a specific type that will be expiring in a particular year. Open a New Query window in SSMSE. Enter the following query and click Execute. You should see the results shown in Figure 4-5. Use AdventureWorks Go select CardType ,[2008] as Year2008,[2009] as Year2009 from ( select CardType,ExpYear from Sales.CreditCard )piv Pivot ( count(ExpYear) for ExpYear in ([2008],[2009]) )as carddetail order by CardType
Allow workstations to save password (OS 9 only): With this setting
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