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In the previous section, you learned to create XPathNavigator from XmlDocument and XPathDocument. In this section, you will see how to use XPathNavigator and access various attributes and elements. To work through this section, you need to create a Windows Forms application like the one shown in Figure 4-2.
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If you want to use a picture of your own as wallpaper, click the Add button, and then browse to its location.
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public void reset(String key) throws ReadOnlyException
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Note The type entry may only be line wrapped between the class name and the assembly s strong
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Figure 15-12. Manage categories from this page.
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Modifying Stored Procedures
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Figure 4-26. Settings Dialog of ExtremeZ-IP Administrator Tool, File Servers tab
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Building Secure Systems
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Managing Groups
The shopping cart page consists of two parts. One part is the shopping cart itself, and the other part is a panel for collecting the shipping address. Figures B-4 and B-5 show these parts in design mode.
We ll start working on the header now. Please drag and drop the following report items inside the header section: A text box item for the report title A text box item for the page number A line item for separating the header and detail sections The next step is to set the properties of the report items. Select each report item in turn, and specify the values for each item s properties according to Table 5-14. Your report design surface, after completing the header, should look similar to Figure 5-50. Table 5-14. Report Item Properties for the Header
} } } } public IClientChannelSinkProvider Next { get {return _nextProvider; } set {_nextProvider = value;} } public IClientChannelSink CreateSink(IChannelSender channel, string url, object remoteChannelData) { // create other sinks in the chain IClientChannelSink next = _nextProvider.CreateSink(channel, url, remoteChannelData); // put our sink on top of the chain and return it return new UrlAuthenticationSink(next); } } }
In this example, we used the same ADO.NET interface that we discussed in 3. First, we must make sure that we make reference to the following assemblies: using System.Data.SqlClient; using Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms; We need functionality from these assemblies to communicate with SQL Server and ReportViewer. As you can see, we start with connecting to the RealWorld database. Once the connection is established, we request all rows from the ProductReorder table. After this, we collect the data into our typed dataset dsProductReorder and bind the dataset to the ReportViewer. Finally, we ask the reporting engine to process our report and produce the output.
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