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Once completed, you can verify that the Kerberos principals were created in the local keytab by using the ktlist command and searching for the key name of cifs:
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CHAPTER 5: Specifying a Pong Game
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Setting Up the Database
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The final steps involve creating the BizTalk parties and physical send ports for the solution. Within the BizTalk Administration Console, create the physical send ports and parties that will receive the approval messages. 1. 2. Create a file send port named HRPartySendPort. This is the send port for messages that are routed to the HR department. Create another file send port named ManagerPartySendPort. This is the send port for messages that are routed to the manager department.
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Figure 8-6. Metadata shows that FirstClient still references version
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Introducing Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Phone Platform
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As usual, build the project by clicking the small, green play button in the main toolbox or pressing F5. If the program compiles without any errors, you will see the form with the report in preview mode. Please make sure the report looks similar to the one shown in Figure 5-48. So, you see how easy it is to report on data that is hierarchical in nature! Let s continue the fun with our last report in this chapter. Yes, you guessed it; we will develop the same Chart of Accounts report, but now the report will be in the Arabic language. This is your chance to explore the international language support capabilities of client-side RS.
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Tracking Reference
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There are a number of different options presented to you when you want to download SQL Server Express: Core SQL Server Express: This provides the basic runtime engine for SQL Server. It can be embedded within Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (but not the Express editions), is free to distribute, and can be seamlessly upgraded to Professional or Enterprise editions of SQL Server. SQL Server Management Studio Express: This is the tool that you can use to manage instances of SQL Server or SQL Server Express. It is a recommended tool if you are using Express editions of Visual Studio, or if you want to learn about administration of the Professional versions of SQL Server. Please note that this is downloaded separately. SQL Server Express with Advanced Services: This adds features to Core SQL Server Express, including Management Studio, reporting services, and full-text search. SQL Server Express Edition Toolkit: This adds tools, including a report creator for reporting services, the business intelligence development studio for building stored procedures and other database-related functionality, and the SQL Server software development kit (SDK). In this chapter, we ll be looking at SQL Server 2005 Express with Advanced Services, which provides a single download that gives you SQL Server and Management Studio.
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One simple example of functional programming methodology in this book appears in 12, where you saw how a representation for propositional logic is defined using a type: type Var = string type Prop = | And of Prop * Prop | Var of Var | Not of Prop | Exists of Var * Prop | False
Adobe s Premiere Pro CS5: Captures, edits, and delivers digital video online, on air, on disc, or on device. Premium toolset, but costly. Adobe Premiere Elements is a lighter, less costly version for consumers. Apple QuickTime Pro: Edits video clips using cut, copy and paste; merges separate audio and video tracks; crops and rotates video; saves and exports to codecs supported by QuickTime; includes presets for exporting video to a iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone; Inexpensive, ($29.99) but heavily biased toward Apple technologies. Windows Movie Maker: Modest video editing, but it s a free tool bundled with Windows operating systems. Adobe SoundBooth: Creates and edits audio files; let s you customize music, add sound effects in a familiar environment and work on multiple files at once.
There are two important security clues to look out for in secure.log. First, multiple bad password attempts can be an indicator that someone is attempting to guess a password by brute force, which would indicate a need for heightened security. Failed attempts can also indicate a need to have a talk with the user in question about the acceptable use policy, and the consequences of violating it. The second item to look out for is whether someone actually ran the programs being called up in the secure.log file. For example, in the previous log snippets, you will see the string gene in the field immediately following the date that something was run. This shows that the user with a short name of gene ran this command.
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