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Adding the FlowStep Activities
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Mouse Keys Settings
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Note When writing embedded queries using F# LinqToSql, you can use only a limited subset of operators to
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Making Connections
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side effects nearly always reduces the complexity of your code, so it leads to fewer bugs. Another thing experienced functional programmers appreciate is that the programmer or compiler can easily adjust the order in which expressions are computed. A lack of side effects also helps you reason about your code: it s easier to visually check when two programs are equivalent, and it s easier to make radical adjustments to your code without introducing new, subtle bugs. Programs that are free from side effects can often be computed on demand as necessary, often by making very small, local changes to your code to introduce the use of delayed data structures. Finally, side effects such as mutation are difficult to use when data is accessed concurrently from multiple threads, as you see in 13.
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Must Application Tile be Pinned to Start Screen
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// Set the MediaElement on the MediaPlayer. Because // autoPlay defaults to true, playback begins immediately. sprite.mediaElement = new VideoElement ( new NetLoader , new URLResource(new URL(REMOTE_PROGRESSIVE)) );
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