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Figure 7 12. Apple Mail s authentication settings
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If you look at Figure 4-19, the initial height of body section is 2 inches. And when you add the header and footer, each has its default height set to 0.25 inches. Now, you can increase or decrease the height of any band by simply dragging the band s edge. You can also set the size property of each band by clicking the band and changing it from the Properties dialog box. For example, if you want your detail band s height set to 1.5 inches instead of the 2-inch default, simply change the Size property to 6.5in, 1.5in from 6.5in, 2in. The width of each band is always the same; initially, it is set to 6.5 inches, but you can change it to make use of maximum width available for the selected paper size.
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helper.clear(); assertNotNull(account.getId()); dao.delete(account); helper.clear(); final List<UserAccount> retrieved = dao.list(); assertNotNull(retrieved); assertEquals(0,retrieved.size()); } public void testDeleteById() { final UserAccount account = new UserAccount("testuser9"); dao.create(account); helper.clear(); assertNotNull(account.getId()); dao.delete(account.getId()); helper.clear(); final List<UserAccount> retrieved = dao.list(); assertNotNull(retrieved); assertEquals(0,retrieved.size()); } public UserAccountDao getDao() { return dao; } public void setDao(UserAccountDao dao) { this.dao = dao; } public ConfigHelper getHelper() { return helper; } public void setHelper(ConfigHelper helper) { this.helper = helper; } }
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Using Data Views
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<key>ProgramArguments</key> <array> <string>/usr/bin/sandbox-exec</string> <string>-f</string> <string>/usr/share/sandbox/named.sb</string> <string>/usr/sbin/named</string> <string>-f</string> </array>
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Tip A really useful technique for using Application XCopy is having two copies of the same database on the same machine. One is used for testing and the other is used for the live application. The database name is guaranteed to be unique because when attached in this way, the name defaults to the full path to the database file.
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Cross-Process on Multiple Machines in a LAN
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<bean id="defaultHandler" class= "org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.ParameterizableViewController"> <property name="viewName" value="home"/> </bean> The controller in Listing 6-7 identifies the view to be used as home and passes the request on to a view resolver component for rendering (discussed later in this chapter). For the purpose of rendering a single page in response to a web request, this is obviously quite complicated, but the framework s advantages become apparent when we start to demand more of our controllers. The SimpleFormController can be overridden to do the following: Provide reference data to the view for rendering. Validate incoming request parameters. Assign (and type-convert) incoming request parameters to attributes of a command object representing the form to be rendered. (This is known as binding the request parameters to the command object.) Bind incoming form submissions to the command object. Validate the command object upon form submission. Forward to the original view if validation of the command object fails. Populate the request with error objects representing the points of failure in validation. Provide localized messages associated with the validation errors. All of this is available from standard Spring objects that receive all of their dependencies by injection and are therefore quite simple to unit-test.
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public class SoapUserAccountServiceEndpoint extends ServletEndpointSupport implements SoapUserAccountService { private UserAccountService service; @Override protected void onInit() throws ServiceException { service = (UserAccountService) getWebApplicationContext().getBean("userAccountService"); } public String[] listUserNames() { final List<UserAccount> list = service.listUsers(); final String[] names = new String[list.size()]; for( int i = 0; i < names.length; i++ ) { names[i] = list.get(i).getAccountName(); } return names; } } The use of the ServletEndpointSupport class also avoids the need to generate the various skeleton and stub classes that would normally be created for an Axis SOAP JAX-RPC service implementation. All that is required are the Axis servlet, the WSDD file configuring it (placed in the WEB-INF directory), the service interface, and the endpoint implementation class. Relatively speaking, this is quite simple for a SOAP service.
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