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The figures about logical and physical I/Os are there just to indicate that both queries did the same thing. The critical numbers are the memory max figures. Notice how much more memory the query used when we set a manual hash_area_size. Considering the three tables that were hashed contained only 70 short rows each, that s a lot of memory for hashing. (10g did even better on the automatic sizing, restricting itself to no more than 1.5MB for the four-way join.) When running with the manual hash_area_size, there are indications that Oracle immediately allocates at least half the hash_area_size at the start of a single hash join and never releases any of that memory even though each table that is hashed turns out to need only a small amount of memory.
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Figure 6 18. Configuring the SQL updategram orchestration
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server configurations and the timeout settings applied in the Custom LDAP Settings section of this chapter. Also maintains a key for Service Principals to Create, defining which Kerberos service principles to create at bind time.
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appear anywhere in a schema to explain any element, attribute, or type definition.
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Launchctl stop edu.mit.Kerberos.CCacheServer
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Beautifying the Report
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Figure 3-21. Client output when removing the [OneWay()] attribute
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Enabling Screen Sharing
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I ve covered the basics of what an accessory is and the tools (EAAccessory Framework) that Apple provides to help you work with an accessory. I walked you step-by-step through an albeit simple application using an accessory. Hopefully, you realize that the software tools are there to make your life easier and, I believe, they do so admirably. In the last part of the book, I opened my Kimono (I ve always wanted to use that phrase somewhere) and revealed every secret that I had. Unfortunately, I couldn t go into as much detail as I would have liked because of the NDA I have with Apple. Hopefully, I ve erred (erred, that s another one) on the side of conservatism and I won t be forever banned from the halls of Cupertino HQ. I hate to say it, but it s time to part company and you can now go out and do it all yourself. I ll say it straightaway, I m no expert in all (or much) of this, but I did go through it. I got beat up by the system, wanted to quit a hundred times, actually quit (or said so to my wife) five times, begged for money several times, and got money a very few times. All in all though, I made it through the process and I believe that you can too.
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For more information about creating desktop launchers, see 10. When using the launcher after rebooting your Ubuntu system, you might notice the folder takes a few seconds to appear. This is normal and merely the result of the time Ubuntu takes to log on to the computer sharing the files.
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The user s personal telephone details:
Figure 18-17. Customers table added to TypedCustomer.xsd
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