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CHAPTER 3: Media Playback
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CHAPTER 7: Client Management
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Installing the Image module is quite straightforward. Just download the module from http://, place the entire image folder in the modules directory, and activate the module from the admin/modules page. If you wish to use the ImageMagick library (http:// for converting and resizing images, you will also need to move the /modules/image/ file into the /includes/ directory of your Drupal installation. If you wish to use the Image module s gallery-building functions, you need to make sure that the Taxonomy module is enabled.
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I ve talked a lot about what it takes to test your firmware but have been skirting the issue of its design or more specifically, structure. Depending on the part you select and the amount of program memory it contains, you ll find three basic choices when it comes to designing your code. First, there s the bare-bones approach. Your code will run directly on the hardware with no other support like you get when running on iPhone OS or any other operating system. At the other end of the spectrum, you can include a real-time (or near real-time) operating system (RTOS). Many companies provide an RTOS for various higher-end microcontrollers. The more functions and support you require, the more memory your part will need to have. In turn, this will drive your part cost, and more importantly, its power requirements. The trade-off is ease of use (through the services an RTOS provides) versus power consumption (by using a part with a low enough power requirement, you can use the iPhone as a power source and not have to add a battery circuit). Between the extremes of a full RTOS and no OS support at all, you ll find a few alternatives. Generally these will be a set of support routines that may or may not include some kind of real-time kernel. In fact, a number of RTOS products are scalable so that you can configure the minimal support that you need. You generally start with the base kernel then add the features you need such as semaphores, locks, memory pools, mailboxes, etc. What is a kernel A kernel is the central part of the operating system; it s the layer of software that communicates directly with the hardware. The kernel deals with handling the processor s address spaces, manages any threads of execution, and may provide for interprocess execution. In a RTOS, the kernel will likely handle process scheduling and interrupt context switching. Because a kernel is necessarily small and provides the sole interface between the hardware and your application, it can give you guaranteed context switch times for most of the things necessary in real-time embedded systems. There are many RTOS kernels available for common embedded systems. Symbian is the number-one OS found in mobile systems and runs on ARM processors. Pumpkin Inc. makes a very small RTOS called Salvo for embedded systems that runs on a number of different processors including 8051, ARM, TI s MSP430, and the PIC microcontroller series. Pumpkin offers a free lite version that you can try out. When you look at a product such as Salvo, you can see the advantages of using a RTOS. Because Salvo runs on different processors, by designing your code to work with something like Salvo, it can be easily ported to different platforms. While this might seem like a good thing, think about how many times you might need to port your accessory code to a different processor. More than likely, the answer is never. Even if you do have to, for some reason, port it to a new processor, it s far more likely that you ll just use another product in the same line. I can attest to this personally. While I ve always had intentions of porting my code to an ARM processor, I ve never had the need to do so. In one of my projects, I found that the PIC16F690 did not have enough
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When you properly follow steps a, b, c, and d, you should see the following XAML in the XAML editor area. <TextBox Height="Auto" Margin="0,55,166,0" Name="txtMessage" Text="TextBlock" VerticalAlignment="Top" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Width="290" /> You set Horizontal Alignment to Stretch in step b because you want the TextBox to automatically stretch to fill the extra space created when you rotate the phone emulator to landscape orientation. Width and Height are set to Auto because we want the TextBox to automatically change its size when Font size increases or decreases. Setting Vertical Alignment to Top will always position the textbox aligned to the top. You will be able to access the textblock control in code by referring to its Name, txtMessage . 4. Now, let s add the application s OK button to the user interface. To do so, drag and drop a Button control from the Toolbox and drop it to the right of the TextBox. Change the button properties in Properties Window. a. b. c. d. Set Button Content to OK. Set HorizontalAlignment to Right. Set VerticalAlignment to Top. Set Name to btnOk.
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Object getBean(String name, Class requiredType)
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If you are unsure if a particular suspended service instance contains the message you need to resubmit, right-click the instance record in the results pane, and select Show Messages. This displays a list of messages referenced by the service instance, allowing you to drill down further into the message details and interrogate the actual message, its context, and the flow the message took prior to suspension. When you have located the service instance you need to resume, right-click the record in the results pane, and select Resume Instance, as shown in Figure 10 9. In addition to resuming single suspended service instances, you can also resume multiple instances by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting multiple rows in the results pane. To resume all instances, right-click the header record in the results pane, and select Resume Instances. read barcode 128 ai
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iTrip Dissected
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The @GeneratedValue annotation is used here to indicate that the primary key (Id) attribute that it is attached to will be generated by Hibernate rather than being explicitly assigned. This reduces the burden on the developer quite considerably. Because I have not specified any further details, the generated value will be created in the default manner for the underlying database, allowing you to take advantage of database-specific features without creating a dependency on the specific database in your implementation. This usage does, however, require you to create an appropriate set of database objects to support Hibernate. In the case of HSQLDB, which I use in my example configuration, this entails the use of an identity type on the primary key column.
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Many contributed modules, such as the Glossary (, Textile Tip
Once you have enabled a Windows user, then you will be able to connect to the system using SMB. To test this from a Mac, click the Go menu from the Finder, and select the Connect to a Server option. In the Connect to Server window (as shown in Figure 13 5), type smb:// followed by the IP address of the computer to which you are connecting. When you click Connect, you will be asked to enter the password and will be given a list of share points that have access through SMB. Make sure the user you are logged in as has access only to the locations that you want the user to be able to access.
To see how PARTITION BY works, open a New Query window in SSMSE. Enter the following query and click Execute. You should see the results shown in Figure 4-7. select CustomerID, TerritoryID , Row_Number() over (Partition by TerritoryID order by CustomerID) as [RowCount] from Sales.Customer Where TerritoryID in (1,2) AND CustomerID Between 1 and 75
which will produce output similar to this:
So, according to the formula, the cost should be 2 + 2 + 2 + 5 + 25 ceiling(1,111 * 0.002) + ceiling(9,745 * 0.002) = ceiling(2.222) + ceiling(19.49) = 3 + 20 = 20 =
Figure 12-3. You can open a file browser window by selecting a location from the Places menu.
Although the various data access libraries supported by Spring have quite different implementations, they do tend to have similar usage patterns. Spring takes advantage of this by providing sets of tailored support classes to aid in the building of data access logic, and specifically to aid in building DAO implementations. When building a DAO for a supported database access mechanism, you will generally find that Spring provides helper classes to aid in your implementation. These usually include a template class and a DAO support class. Figure 4-4 shows the relevant classes supporting plain JDBC data access.
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