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It s possible the power-saving feature or the advanced programmable interrupt controller (APIC) in your computer is causing problems. Press the F6 key, and after selecting the live or install option, type the following at the end of the Boot Options line that appears:
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Double-click the button to add an event handler, and add the following code to it:
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The File Sharing feature of Mac OS X provides the most granular approach to a workgroup-oriented file-sharing scenario that you can get without upgrading to Mac OS X Server. There will be instances, however, when users may want to configure the File Sharing feature to run off an AirPort base station. The Apple AirPort N (the square one) has the capacity to share files using a portable hard drive connected over USB to the AirPort device. To share files using the Apple AirPort, plug an external hard drive into the AirPort, and open the AirPort Utility in the /Applications/Utilities folder, authenticate, click on the Manual Setup button and then click on the Disks icon in the AirPort Utility application toolbar. From here, you will see a window similar to that shown in Figure 13 6. This window will list the disks attached to your AirPort along with their names and capacities. It will also
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Java to Flex Serialization Basics
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Propagation (enum)
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If you notice from the script, you are calling a php proxy to extract the FLV video from YouTube. At the time of writing, the proxy works. However, YouTube is changing often and the script may stop working. In case this happened, you will have to find a new PHP proxy to replace this one. Place the proxy on your local server or web server.
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Having good signal strength helps keep packets from becoming orphaned. Because orphaned packets make cracking wireless networks easier, maintaining good signal strength is another good way to keep wireless networks protected.
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Building the Application UI (XAML)
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OP 1:Open PD 2:Pending CD 3:Closed
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I use a widescreen monitor (or a widescreen notebook). When I boot to the desktop, the resolution is set too low. When I try to switch resolutions (by clicking System Preferences Screen Resolution), the resolution my monitor usually runs at isn t available in the list.
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rds.Name = "dsDashboard_dtDashboard"; rds.Value = dsRSS.Tables[0]; reportViewer1.LocalReport.DataSources.Add(rds); reportViewer1.RefreshReport(); } } } Before we start to build our project, let s take a quick look at the code. The code here will look a little different, as it has a section that deals with the interaction with the RSS feed, which comes in an XML format. We begin by establishing the link to the Yahoo site to get the feed and storing it as XMLDocument. Once we have XMLDocument ready, we need to extract the XML nodes that we re interested in, which are title and link. Using the for loop, we store the first four news items from the feed into the dataset. You ll notice that the loop starts with 1 (instead of being zero referenced), because the first link from the feed is not the actual news item; it is just the header. After getting the dataset ready, all that s left is to bind the dataset and render the report. However, I d like to mention the following two lines of code: reportViewer1.LocalReport.EnableExternalImages = true; reportViewer1.LocalReport.EnableHyperlinks = true; The first line will allow the image control to access the external image. The second line enables the hyperlinks, so that a user can click the news item to see the selected news item from the Yahoo site in a browser window.
Listing 11-3. Retrieving a Post s Information Using the phpBB Abstraction Layer < php $sql = "SELECT * FROM phpbb_posts WHERE post_id = 1234"; if($result != $db->sql_query($sql)) { message_die("Problem querying the database."); } else { $postdata = $db->sql_fetchrow($result); echo "The post's title is " . $postdata['subject'] . "."; } > Notice that these two versions are essentially the same. In most cases, the main differences are the names of the functions. The convenience here is that you will be able to perform the query with whatever database driver is available, not just MySQL. You may also have noticed the use of the message_die() function in Listing 11-3 versus echo in Listing 11-2. message_die() is the standard, template-safe method of displaying error messages in phpBB, which is discussed next.
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