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The Ins and Outs of Versioning
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Figure 2-12. Result when the PreserveWhitespace property is true Surprised We have three <employee> elements in our document. That means the <employees> node has three child nodes. The message box from Figure 2-11 is consistent with this fact. However, when you set the PreserveWhitespace property to true, the message box shows that the <employees> element has seven child nodes. Preserving white space added four child nodes to the <employees> element. These extra nodes are of type XmlWhiteSpace. If you are accessing various nodes by their indexes, toggling white space can cause your logic to fail. There is one more class related to white space: XmlSignificantWhitespace. The XmlSignificantWhitespace class represents white space between markup in a mixed content node. It is important to understand the difference between XmlWhiteSpace and XmlSignificantWhitespace. Consider the markup shown in Listing 2-20.
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Compiling the Schema
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Preparing Your Development Machine
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So far in this chapter, you ve seen only how to define concrete object types. One of the key advances in both functional and OO programming has been the move toward using abstract types for large portions of modern software. These values are typically accessed via interfaces, and you now look at defining new object interface types. Many .NET object interface types begin with the letter I, as in System.IDisposable. The notion of an object interface type can sound a little daunting at first, but the concept is actually simple; object interface types are ones whose member implementations can vary from value to value. As it happens, you ve already met one important family of types whose implementations also vary from value to value: F# function types! In 3, you saw how functions can be used to model a range of concepts such as comparison functions, aggregation functions, and transformation functions. In 5, you saw how records of function values can be used for the parameters needed to make an algorithm generic.
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It s common for a message-processing agent to end up in a state where it s not interested in all messages that may appear in a mailbox but only a subset of them. For example, you may be awaiting a reply from another agent and aren t interested in serving new requests. In this case, it s essential that you use MailboxProcessor.Scan rather than MailboxProcessor.Receive. Table 13-6 shows the signatures of both of these. The former lets you choose between available messages by processing them in order, whereas the latter forces you to process every message. Listing 13-12 shows an example of using MailboxProcessor.Scan. Listing 13-12. Scanning a Mailbox for Relevant Messages type Message = | Message1 | Message2 of int | Message3 of string let agent = MailboxProcessor.Start(fun inbox -> let rec loop() = inbox.Scan(function | Message1 -> Some (async { do printfn "message 1!" return! loop() }) | Message2 n -> Some (async { do printfn "message 2!" return! loop() }) | Message3 _ -> None) loop()) You can now post these agent messages, including messages of the ignored kind Message3: > agent.Post(Message1) ;; message 1! val it : unit = () > agent.Post(Message2(100));; message 2! val it : unit = () > agent.Post(Message3("abc"));; val it : unit = () > agent.Post(Message2(100));; message 2! val it : unit = () > agent.CurrentQueueLength;; val it : int = 1
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Effective Table Selectivity
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Figure 12-9. Report layout in RS and CR with headers and footers
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9. SSMSE again displays a grid of all the rows and columns in the Employees table. It also adds a tab for an autohidden Properties window to the right of the grid. We don t care about the properties, so we won t open it, but it shows that SSMSE supports Auto Hide (as well as many other Visual Studio features for configuring your working environment). You re positioned in the first row and column of the grid, and the status bar alerts you that the cell is read only (because the column is an IDENTITY column and SSE populates it for you), but you can change table data
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Figure 15-15. Managing comments
Next, you will download the Northwind sample database to be used with SQL Server Management Studio Express.
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