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We am using the RegExpValidator component and passing the regular expression "((\%3C)|<) . If there is no match, you get field is invalid. You can insert all the regular expressions and see if you get zero results, which means that the expression was present. To read more about using regular expressions to check for cross-site scripting attacks, see the Symantec article:
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Figure 4-66. The output of the solution of Exercise 4-2
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s Note There are other ways to make use of datasets in our reporting projects. However, to be consistent,
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Method Name Method Description
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This uses a single context configuration file named timesheet-client.xml that configures the single bean of Listing 9-4. This implementation uses the RMI service to obtain a list of the UserAccount objects known to the remote system (the process of serializing a Hibernate entity will force the loading of any lazily loaded properties) and then iterates over the list displaying the usernames of the accounts.
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As well as restricting access to certain tables or columns within a database, views also give the option of encrypting the SQL query that is used to retrieve the data. Once a view is built and you are happy that it is functioning correctly, you would release that view to production; it is at this point that you would add the final area of security you would encrypt the view. The most common situation where you will find views encrypted is when the information returned by the view is of a privileged nature. To expand further, not only are you using a view to return specific information, you also don t wish anyone to see how that information was returned, for whatever reason. You would therefore encrypt the SQL code that makes up the view, which would mean that how the information was being returned would not be visible. There is a downside to encrypting a view: once the process of encryption is completed, it is difficult to get back the details of the view. There are tools on the Internet that can decrypt an encrypted view. When you encrypt a view, the view definition is not processed via encryption algorithms, but is merely obfuscated, in other words, changed so that prying eyes cannot see the code. These tools can returned the obfuscation back to the original code. Therefore, if you need to modify the view, you will find that it is awkward. Not only would you have to use a tool, but you would have to delete the view and re-create it, as it would not be editable. So, if you
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Using Microsoft.FSharp.Reflection
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To be able to configure a send port at runtime, you create a dynamic send port within the orchestration. This recipe demonstrates how to configure the outbound dynamic send port in the Message Construct shape. The first step is to copy the contents of the inbound message to the outbound message. Listing 5 1 shows an example of a dynamic XML message. Listing 5 1. Sample Dynamic XML Message <ns0:DynamicMessage xmlns:ns0="http://DynamicSendPortProject.xsdDynamicMessage"> <Header> <FTPServer>myFTPServer.com</FTPServer> <FTPUserName>FTPUserName</FTPUserName> <FTPPassword>FTPPassword</FTPPassword> <Retry>3</Retry> <RetryInterval>5</RetryInterval> <FileName>FileName.xml</FileName> </Header> <Body> <Content>This is a test message.</Content> </Body> </ns0:DynamicMessage> Next, configure the address that BizTalk will use to communicate the message. The address uses the same format as a standard URL. In this example, we specify ftp:// to transmit the file via FTP. The FTP transport protocol requires additional properties to be specified (such as the username and password). Listing 5 2 shows an example of a construct message configuration. The following steps outline the procedure: 1. 2. Open the project containing the orchestration that will be processing the inbound message and sending that message via a dynamic send port. Create a new orchestration send port with a port binding that is dynamic (named oprtSendDynamic in this example).
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Let s spend some more time dissecting the tools you used to build this application. First, you used Rx.NET to create an Observable collection from the asynchronous responses to the weather web service calls. You used the following statement to create that collection: var weather = Observable.FromEvent<svcWeather.GetWeatherByZipCodeCompletedEventArgs>(weatherClient, "GetWeatherByZipCodeCompleted"); You then defined an Observer for this data source, so that when the data is pushed from the web service to Observers, you take action by displaying that data in the User Interface. Next, you created an Observable collection of the KeyUp events in the txtZipCode text box and created an Observer for that collection. As a result, whenever users pause their typing for one second, the Observer on the keys data source will validate whether five or more digits have been entered in the Zip Code field. Then, it goes ahead and calls the function GetWeatherByZipCodeAsync, which in turn invokes an asynchronous request to the weather web service. It s important to note the asynchronous nature of all these calls if you had other functionality built into the application, you could continue using it while the asynchronous request completes. The asynchronous processing is an area that Rx.NET was specifically designed to address. If you have done some form of asynchronous programming prior to Rx.NET, you can certainly appreciate that foregoing single code line. Prior to Rx.NET, in an asynchronous method design pattern in .NET, two methods were provided. The first method started the computation, and the second method acquired the results of the computation. If there was more than one asynchronous operation, even just the simple ones we have illustrated in the weather example, the management of those multiple methods quickly became a headache. The fact that Rx.NET also attempts to parallelize asynchronous requests across all available cores is a hefty bonus to an already generous benefits package of clarity and powerful querying of Observers.
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DSRecordTypeRestrictions.plist: shows versioning information (not
Book Module
P ORTLET APPLICATION ASSEMBLERS need to package each portlet application into a web application archive (WAR) file for distribution and deployment. Each portlet application contains a web and a portlet deployment descriptor, and we discuss the formats used for each in this chapter. Several tools assist with the portlet assembly and packaging process. We briefly discuss the Ant build tool, and cover the XDoclet portlet extensions in more detail.
Listing 2-23. Attaching Event Handlers private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { doc.Load(Application.StartupPath + "/employees.xml"); doc.NodeChanged += new XmlNodeChangedEventHandler(doc_NodeChanged); doc.NodeInserted += new XmlNodeChangedEventHandler(doc_NodeInserted); doc.NodeRemoved += new XmlNodeChangedEventHandler(doc_NodeRemoved); foreach (XmlNode node in doc.DocumentElement.ChildNodes) { comboBox1.Items.Add(node.Attributes["employeeid"].Value); } FillControls(); }
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