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Note All of the examples for working with the database server in this chapter are MySQL-specific.
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You need to access SQL Server Management Studio Express to create the AdventureWorks database. To do so, follow these steps: 1. Open SQL Server Management Studio Express, and in the Connect to Server dialog box, ensure that <YOUR_SERVER_NAME> is shown as the server name (see Figure 1-11). Click Connect.
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However, if you do this, you will be making life unnecessarily difficult for yourself, as you will have to manage the location of the XAML, manage the downloading and licensing of the component, and so on. Instead, the Silverlight SDK provides tools that make the process a lot easier, and that provide a de facto standard methodology of using Silverlight on your site. In the rest of this section, you ll look at all the pieces that you would use to build any Silverlight application, from a simple Hello World application to a full-featured web experience.
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s Note If you still get this error even after doing all the steps, make sure to the check the ProcessingMode
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We saved the most common method of binding for last. This isn t because it is the least important, but because it is (or at least can be) the most complicated in terms of integration. If you built an Open Directory environment using the default settings for Open Directory, then by default you can use unauthenticated static binding or trusted static binding for client access. Of the two, trusted static binding is the most secure. If you are going to touch each client system (either manually or using a script), you might as well go ahead and make for as secure a solution as possible, given that it is not much more work (if any) to deploy a trusted bind-based solution. Trusted static binding to LDAP can be achieved using a few different ways. The first is to use Directory Utility. Simply open the Directory Utility from /Applications/Utilities and
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How It Works
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Even though atomic scopes are the more restrictive of the two transaction models, they offer significant benefits over the use of long-running scopes. Atomic scopes allow the specification of an Isolation Level property, as follows: Specifying Serializable means that concurrent transactions will not be able to make data modifications until the transaction is committed. Specifying Read Committed means that the existing transaction is prevented from accessing data modifications until the transaction is committed. Specifying Repeated Read means that read locks are required until the existing transaction is committed.
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Figure 7-24. Configuring Background/Home Syncing using Workgroup Manager
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The tool will respond with output like the following:
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stored in memory, no matter whether it is a static field or a private member of a remoting server in Singleton mode.
Binary files (executables) that are not written well can cause SUID bits to allow for privilege escalation to an administrative user. Although you might not want to allow SUID files on your system, it s not realistic to remove the SUID bit from all files, because some applications will require certain files to be SUID, such as login. Most SUID applications exist to specifically let users perform privileged operations or gain access to resources that require root privileges when they are not logged in as the root user. Therefore, the root user owns most SUID applications. Many applications that are not written specifically to allow manual privilege escalation actually provide a way to execute a command. Vi allows users to run commands from within the interactive text editor. Many other commands, such as less and more, allow commands to be executed by pressing the ! key while viewing a file that takes up more than one page of content. Knowing whether each SUID application is dangerous requires knowing the details of using each of these applications, and whether a shell command can be run from within the command or some binary file can be invoked receiving root access. To find all SUID applications, use the following command for a listing of all SUID or SGID files:
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Try It Out: Using SELECT INTO to Copy Table Structure
CHAPTER 3: Some Basics
There are no special namespaces that you are defining here. using System.Windows; using Microsoft.Phone.Controls;
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