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The only other change is that you looped through result sets. You nest the loop that retrieves rows inside one that loops through result sets:
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Creating a Remoting-Enabled Application
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Report Viewer controls. Prerequisites are packaged as MSI packages. If you have an MSI that requires, for example, Windows Installer 3.1, then you can use the bootstrapper to make sure the specific Windows Installer is on the target machine prior to running your prerequisite. Finally, SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is the next evolution of Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE).7 SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is a free-to-distribute database engine. In the previous section, we talked about using a Microsoft Access database to implement an offline facility. An Access database can manage offline facilities for most applications, but some smart client applications need the robustness of a full-fledged database on the client. The previous list shows the common prerequisites. Because every application is unique, your application may have prerequisites that are not covered by the list. If that s the case, you can easily create a prerequisite of your own and have the bootstrapper verify its existence on the client machine prior to running your ClickOnce installer. We ll talk about how you can do that in the Building a Custom Prerequisite section. For now, you need to get comfortable with deploying prerequisites: we ll show you how to build an application that uses Visual J#, and we ll show how the prerequisite is installed on the client machine prior to the ClickOnce application. The sample application that we ll talk about is called WorkingWithPreReqs; you can obtain it via When you browse to the publish.htm page of the sample application, you ll see the screen shown in Figure 8-8. The publish.htm page shown in Figure 8-8 shows two prerequisites required by the application. Note the message just below the list. The message essentially says that if you have these items on the machine, then you can install the application by clicking the Launch link (which points to the deployment manifest). If you don t have the prerequisites, then click the Install button. If you click the Install button, you ll execute the bootstrapper setup.exe file (see the status bar). If you have run through a few ClickOnce deployments, you may have noticed that generally you don t see the .NET Framework prerequisite displayed in the publish.htm page. It turns out that the publish.htm page has a bit of JavaScript in it that can detect the .NET Framework 2.0; however, the other prerequisites are up to the user to determine. By default, when your application lists more than the .NET Framework 2.0 as prerequisites, the publish.htm page displays the entire list of prerequisites in the publish.htm page. If you click the Install button, the setup.exe file is downloaded from the deployment URL, and you can run or save the file (see Figure 8-9). To install the prerequisites, you can click either Run or Save. If you click Save, you ll have to run the setup.exe file manually. Either way, you have to run the setup.exe file to install the prerequisites.
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don t see items in the toolbars as shown in Figure 2-2, you can access them by selecting View Toolbox from the IDE window or pressing Ctrl+Alt+X.
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2. Once the desktop is back up and running, select System Administration
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Introducing Taxonomy
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Figure 2-4. A list of registered servers 6. If you need to register another server, right-click the Database Engine node and select New Server Registration to bring up a dialog box very similar to the Connect to Server dialog box shown earlier. Go ahead and do this now to familiarize yourself with the New Server Registration dialog box, shown in Figure 2-5.
The Use Card! button is defined with this markup:
CHAPTER 3: Media Playback
Pruning Users
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