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Test-Driven Development with FlexUnit 4
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Playing back audio CDs is simple. Just insert the CD, and you should find that Rhythmbox starts automatically. Click the name of the CD in the leftmost pane (look under the Devices heading), and then click the Play button on the toolbar. If you prefer, you can listen to audio CDs using Sound Juicer instead. Simply close Rhythmbox, and then start Sound Juicer (Applications Sound & Video Audio CD Extractor). Figure 18-4 shows the same audio CD in Sound Juicer and Rhythmbox. In both Sound Juicer and Rhythmbox, provided you re online, the track and artist information will be looked up online, so you should find a complete listing. To start playing the CD in either application, simply click the Play button. This is located at the bottom of the window in Sound Juicer and the top of the window in Rhythmbox. Both applications also offer a slider by which you can cue backward and forward in the track by clicking and dragging. To eject the disk, press the button on the front of the drive. If this doesn t work, rightclick the Audio CD desktop icon and select Eject.
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We ll demonstrate basic data reader usage with a few examples. The first example is the most basic; it simply uses a data reader to loop through a result set. Let s say you ve successfully established a connection with the database, a query has been executed, and everything seems to be going fine what now The next sensible thing to do would be to retrieve the rows and process them.
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column s Allow Nulls option is checked can ensure this is true for all our columns. If you take a look at Figure 8-1, one of the columns in the ShareDetails.Shares table, ShareTickerId, does allow a NULL value to be entered into the column.
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The server-side configuration file will look similar to the following: <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <channels> <channel ref="http" port="1234"> <serverProviders> <provider type="CompressionSink.CompressionServerSinkProvider, CompressionSink" /> <formatter ref="soap"/> </serverProviders> </channel> </channels> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration> Figure 13-3 shows a TCP trace from a client/server connection that isn t using this sink, whereas Figure 13-4 shows the improvement when compression is used.
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Before we look at handling errors, you need to be aware of what an error is, how it is generated and the information it generates, and finally how to generate your own errors when something is wrong. The T-SQL command RAISERROR allows us as developers to have the ability to produce our own SQL Server error messages when running queries or stored procedures. We are not tied to just using error messages that come with SQL Server; we can set up our own messages and our own level of severity for those messages. It is also possible to determine whether the message is recorded in the Windows error log or not. However, whether we wish to use our own error message or a system error message, we can still generate an error message from SQL Server as if SQL Server itself raised it. Enterprise environments typically experience the same errors on repeated occasions, since they employ SQL Server in very specific ways depending on their business model. With this in mind, attention to employing RAISERROR can have big benefits by providing more meaningful feedback as well as suggested solutions for users. By using RAISERROR, the whole SQL Server system will act as if SQL Server raised the error, as you have seen within this book. RAISERROR can be used in one of two ways; looking at the syntax will make this clear. RAISERROR ({msg_id|msg_str} {,severity,state} [,argument [ ,...n ] ]) [WITH option [ ,...n ]] You can either use a specific msg_id or provide an actual output string, msg_str, either as a literal or a local variable defined as string based, containing the error message that will be recorded. The msg_id references system and user-defined messages that already exist within the SQL Server error messages table. When specifying a text message in the first parameter of the RAISERROR function instead of a message ID, you may find that this is easier to write than creating a new message: RAISERROR('You made an error', 10, 1) The next two parameters in the RAISERROR syntax are numerical and relate to how severe the error is and information about how the error was invoked. Severity levels range from 1 at the innocuous end to 25 at the fatal end. Severity levels of 2 to 14 are generally informational.
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sudo fdisk -l /dev/hdb 3. This will list the partitions on the second disk drive (assuming an average PC
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NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers ScheduledInstallDay ScheduledInstallTime UseWUServer RescheduleWaitTime While you could send out the preceding script leveraging the command-line integration with, for example, VMware, you could also just control the Windows Update service using a group policy object. In Microsoft Windows, Group Policy is akin to the managed client framework of Mac OS X. GPOs are policies that, for the most part control a registry key (or more likely a set of registry keys) that control various functions within Microsoft Windows. Group Policies then become the core of using policies to deploy a centrally managed environment. These policies are managed through and enforced by Active Directory (each policy issued will apply to a number of objects in Active Directory). NOTE: This includes automating the installation of a piece of software leveraging an .msi or an .mst file, which is similar to a .pkg file.
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Of course, things can be a little more complex, as we can see if we change our tables to increase the size of columns and select longer columns so that both data sets are too large to fit into the hash_area_size (see script hash_one.sql in the online code suite). The significant changes to the code and the resulting plan are shown here: create table probe_tab as select 10000 + rownum trunc(dbms_random.value(0,5000)) rpad(rownum,20) rpad('x',1000) from all_objects
Figure 9-19. The Group control panel s initial page
Drop a Send shape on the orchestration surface. Set the Message property to the message created in step 1. Right-click the port surface, and select New Configured Port. On the Port Binding page, set the parameters as indicated in the following substeps and shown in Figure 6 31: a. b. Set Port direction of communication to I'll always be sending messages on this port. Set Port binding to Specify now .
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