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Troubleshooting Home Directory syncing issues is something that you will inevitably have to deal with when you deploy them at a large scale. In the following few paragraphs, you will try to present a summary of the players involved to help you to determine the possible origin of different issues. When syncing issues arrive, the first thing to determine is the breadth of the issue: Is the problem only occurring with a single user or is it affecting all user s with the applied management settings One of the most common causes of syncing problems is due to conflicting sync settings. Your ~/Library/Preferences folder isn t going to sync if you exclude the ~/Library folder. Use the system_profiler and gmcxquery function discussed earlier to verify applied settings. After this, consult the log file found at : ~/Library/Logs/FileSyncAgent.log and ~/Library/Logs/FileSyncAgent-verbose.log. Between these two log files, there will typically be evidence as to the nature of your problem. If server-side tracking is enabled, then the client uses public key authentication to contact the server over port 2336. For this authentication, preshared keys are stored at ~/Library/FileSync/FileSyncAgent_key_dir. In this directory, there contains a public key and a private key used to authenticate to the server. In earlier versions of 10.5, if permissions of this folder were such that the user was not the owner, and did not have exclusive access to the keys, then authentication would fail. This would result in a complete sync failure. This issue was addressed in a point-release patch. The system now will detect permissions problems and repair them prior to attempting to connect to the home directory server. If interested, you can view the ssh configurations for this service by consulting the files /System/Library/CoreServices/ shd_config and the corresponding client configuration at /System/Library/CoreServices/ sh_config. If syncing problems persist despite your efforts, you can simply delete all of the user s Filesync databases, which will rebuild upon the next operation. Doing this operation will delete file history, it is possible that files present at one location will be deleted during the process. Because of this, and when working with syncing issues in general, it is never a bad idea to have a full backup of the user s data on both sides: server and client. If you are reasonably sure that all pertinent data exists at only one location, do yourself a favor and back it up prior to proceeding. With that out of the way, to delete the user s sync database, run the following commands from both the server and the client, replacing with the user s short name.
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One of the benefits of dual-booting Linux and Windows is that Ubuntu lets you access the files on the Windows partition. This is quite handy and facilitates the easy exchange of data. If the Windows partition is FAT32 used on Windows 95, 98, Me, and (sometimes) XP then Ubuntu can both read and write files to the partition. However, if the file system is NTFS used with Windows NT, 2000, XP, and Vista Ubuntu will make the file system available as read-only. Because of this, if you run Windows XP, you might consider converting your NTFS Windows partition to FAT32 before you install Ubuntu (but be aware that doing so means you lose some of the security and performance features of NTFS). Microsoft doesn t include a tool that lets you do this automatically, but you can use third-party disk partitioning programs like Norton s Partition Magic (www. to convert your file system.
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Windows Phone Application Publishing Lifecycle
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A constraint is essentially a check that SQL Server places on a column to ensure that the data to be entered in the column meets specific conditions. This will keep out data that is erroneous, and therefore avoid data inconsistencies. Constraints are used to keep database integrity by ensuring that a column only receives data within certain parameters. We have already built a constraint on the CustomerDetails.Customers table for the default value for the column DateAdded. If you go to Object Explorer, right-click, select Script Table As Create To, and put the output in a new query window, you would see the following line from that output. So a constraint is used for setting a default value.
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if you wish to scan many images in succession a number is added to the end of the filename, and this control configures the increment. A setting of +1 is fine.
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This allows you to use attributes from the property namespace with the :p suffix within the scope of the beans element that is, throughout the definition. The namespace does not have a schema definition for validation, however, because the attributes that are added within this namespace are the names of the properties for the bean that it is to apply for. That is to say, you can replace the bean definition from Listing 3-6 with the one given in Listing 3-19.
Change the root of the file system to the specified path Switch to the specified virtual terminal (equivalent of holding down Ctrl+Alt and pressing F1 F6) Clears terminal screen and places cursor at top Copy files
can check for available languages following the same steps you took on the simulator. To load additional languages, follow these steps. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Download a recent version of BlackBerry device software from your wireless provider or your enterprise and install it on your PC. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Select Application Loader and then Add/Remove Applications. Select the checkboxes for languages you wish to load. You may also choose to remove languages here. Select Next and follow the prompts to load the languages.
As you might have guessed, the last two options are most commonly used. If the web method throws an exception, the transaction is automatically aborted. Otherwise, the transaction is automatically committed. The code in Listing 9-10 illustrates the use of this property. Listing 9-10. Using the TransactionOption Property [WebMethod(TransactionOption = TransactionOption.Required)] public string SomeMethod() { //code here }
The following steps outline the procedure to configure tracking on receive ports, send ports, and on any orchestrations where messages need to be tracked. 1. 2. Open the BizTalk Administration Console. Expand the tree in the left pane until the BizTalk application that contains the solution on which you want to configure tracking is visible, and then click the Receive Ports folder. In the right pane, right-click the receive port that is to be configured for tracking, and select Tracking, which is shown in Figure 10 19.
MEDIA_ARGUMENT_VIEW_MEDIA: Opens top-level media screen. MEDIA_ARGUMENT_VIEW_MUSIC: View music library. MEDIA_ARGUMENT_VIEW_PICTURES: View the photo library. MEDIA_ARGUMENT_VIEW_PLAYLISTS: Display the set of playlists. MEDIA_ARGUMENT_VIEW_RINGTONES: View all installed ringtones. MEDIA_ARGUMENT_VIEW_VIDEOS: View video library. MEDIA_ARGUMENT_VIEW_VOICENOTES: View voice notes. The next example will cause the voice notes application to display.
Note This is the recommended way of creating .NET Remoting applications.
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