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Figure 3-10. Managed Preferences for Active Directory
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Figure 3-14. Deleting a database within SSMS 4. The dialog shown in Figure 3-15 will display. Select Close Existing Connections and then click OK.
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We will now cover how people have deployed Windows Forms applications in the past. We ll discuss only two relevant approaches here, even though others exist, simply because the others are either variations or combinations of these two. The two methods we will discuss are MSI deployment and NTD. We ll start with MSI.
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How It Works
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You want to understand how to configure a static request/response SOAP send port using BizTalk Explorer to allow client machines posting to orchestrations that have been deployed as web services.
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This defines a LocalSqlServer connection string that all data-centric providers use by default, which points to the aspnetdb.mdf SQL Express database in the web data directory. (Note how the database server is set to be running as a SQL Express named instance.) This database file is automatically created on first use or by triggering the web-site administration console. It s important to remember that these default settings work only with SQL Express; but on a typical development machine with a standard SQL Express installation, everything works like a charm out of the box. Even if you re using SQL Express and all the default providers, you should (re)define the connection string settings in your site web.config file, mostly because it s more portable that way and because this becomes necessary if you use a different database server, say SQL Server. At the time of writing, SQL Server doesn t let you attach database files to the server using the AttachDBFilename property, so you need to use a regular database and refer to it using the Initial Catalog or Database keyword in your connection string. If for some reason you can t automatically generate the default database when using SQL Server, you can build it by hand by first creating an empty database (for instance, by right-clicking Server Explorer/Data Connections and selecting Create New SQL Server Database) and running aspnet_regsql.exe (found in your .NET installation folder) in wizard mode with the information about your newly created database. This tool generates all the data tables and stored procedures needed by the default providers. You can then change your web.config file to include a reference to this new database: <connectionStrings> <remove name="LocalSqlServer" /> <add name="LocalSqlServer" connectionString="Data Source=localhost;Integrated Security=SSPI; Initial Catalog=YourDatabase" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" /> </connectionStrings> Here you use localhost for SQL Server and the YourDatabase database. You may need to change the host when you deploy your application to point to the right database server. Furthermore, be aware that SQL Server doesn t support detached databases (.mdf files); if you re migrating from a SQL Express instance (for example, when your hosting provider supports only SQL Server), you need to manually import the contents of the detached database file into a SQL Server database (either by attaching it from the hosting provider s administrative console or creating a backup from the Express database and importing it). In other words, there is no way to use the .mdf database with SQL Server directly.
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Figure 7-30. Reorganizing the database 11. Click Next to bring up the screen shown in Figure 7-31. This next screen will deal with individual rows of indexes. Indexes will exist on tables and views and will become more defragmented than whole pages of data on a high data modification system. Like the previous option, rebuilding indexes should be completed on a very regular basis, probably weekly; although if your batch window allows you to perform this more frequently, then look to do so. When rebuilding indexes, you can define with a certain amount of free space to allow for increases and mid index insertions on each index page. This is a bit like inserting lines of text in a book. If you think you are going to do this, then leaving gaps at the end of the page will allow for these rows to be added. Failure to leave enough means shuffling data from that page through to the end of the book. Within the advanced options, the main option of interest to you while you are learning SQL Server is Sort Results in tempdb. You could be low on disk space because when you built your database you set it to grow no larger than a specific size. Couple this with a situation where your indexes are so fragmented they take up more space than they will postdefragmentation. This could be because you have a large number of gaps due to deletions of rows within the index or modifications on a clustered index causing rows to be moved. When rebuilding indexes, this would by default be completed within the database the rebuild is for. The old indexes are kept until the new indexes are built. If there is not enough space to store them, it would not be possible to rebuild the index unless you physically increased the size of the database. This is not a simple process. Therefore, by using the option to rebuild the new indexes within tempdb, you do not need to increase your database size. Also, the tempdb will not be used as intensively. Therefore it might also be faster to rebuild your indexes within that database. This is an option you may use a great deal.
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CHAPTER 1: How Did I Get Here
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Figure 25-2. The main Impress window is split into three elements: the Slides pane, main
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Figure 6-8. Output with the Birth Date column added
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Using the drag-and-drop functionality in Windows provides a very simple way to copy files to and from the local computer and a target server. It gives additional flexibility in that it is up to the individual or developer to choose what files to be deployed. It is a manual process, and in the next section we discuss how to write a simple batch file to provide some simple XCOPY automation.
Figure 5-32. Mail Service Server Preferences settings
Since we ve already dropped test_Employees, let s re-create it, this time with a primary key. There are several ways to do this. We ll use the simplest approach and do it with SQL. Just add the keywords primary key to the EmployeeID column definition:
You also changed the XPath expressions in the WITH clause to reference element rather than attribute names by removing the @ prefixes for the first two columns. Finally, you changed the XPath expression for the third column to simply '.' because this means to retrieve the content for the element at the bottom level of the hierarchy, the city element, as you specified in the OPENXML call:
Using SQL Server Management Studio to Retrieve Data
Dependency Injection as an Aid to Testing
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