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is specific to T-SQL; for example, standard SQL doesn t have the != operator, and calls <> the not equals operator. In fact, standard SQL calls the expressions in a WHERE clause predicates; we ll use that term because predicates are either true or false, but other expressions don t have to be. If you work with another version of SQL, please refer to its documentation for specifics.
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## create our folder mkdir p "$watchFolder" &> /dev/null ## loop through all of the csv files in our watch folder, format them, ## import them, delete the formatted versions, and copy the original ## into an archive directory. for file in $(ls -1 "$watchFolder" | grep ".csv"); do declare x tempFile=$(mktemp /tmp/dsimport_XXXXX) cat "$watchFolder/$file" | csvtowgm o "$tempFile" csvtowgmResultCode=$ if [ $csvtowgmResultCode == 0 ]; then dsimport "$tempFile" "$dirNode" M username importadmin password 'importpassword' rm "$tempFile" mkdir "$watchFolder/archive/" &> /dev/null mv "$watchFolder/$file" "$watchFolder/archive/" else echo "Error generating import file! error num: $csvtowgmResultCode" exit $csvtowgmResultCode fi done
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:Application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx="library://" minWidth="955" minHeight="600"> <fx:Script>
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Select the drop-down to the right of When (which should read Window right now) and change its setting to read Button. Change the dialog that reads Loaded to Click. The Triggers pane should now read When button Click is raised (see Figure 8-27).
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EXISTS is a statement that is very similar to IN, in that it tests a column value against a subset of data from a subquery. The difference is that EXISTS uses a join to join values from a column to a column within the subquery as opposed to IN, which compares against a comma-delimited set of values and requires no join. Over time, our ShareDetails.Shares and ShareDetails.SharePrice tables will grow to quite a large size. If we wanted to shrink them, we could use cascading deletes so that when we delete from the ShareDetails.Shares table, we would also delete all the SharePrice records. But how would we know which shares to delete One way would be to see what shares are still held within our TransactionDetails.Transactions table. We would do this via EXISTS, but instead of looking for ShareIds that exist, we would use NOT EXISTS. At present, we have no shares listed within the TransactionDetails.Transactions table, so we would see all of the ShareDetails.Shares listed. We can make life easier with EXISTS by giving tables an alias, but we also have to use the WHERE statement to make the join between the tables. However, we aren t really joining the tables as such; a better way of looking at it is to say we are filtering rows from the subquery table. The final point to note is that you can return whatever you wish after the SELECT statement in the subquery, but it should only be one column or a value, and it is easiest to use an asterisk in conjunction with an EXISTS statement. If you do set a column or value, then the value returned cannot be used anywhere within the main query and is discarded, so there is nothing to gain by returning a value from a column.
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Serialization Attributes
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Using mtree to Audit File system Permissions
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Applications have bugs. It s a fact of life. Pretending that your app is perfect won t make the problem go away, but only makes its bugs more difficult to squash. In order to quickly detect bugs and determine the root cause, developers often rely upon logging and debug information placed within their apps. This leads to a quandary. Ideally, you would like to place debugging features in your app so you can quickly and conveniently debug any problems that come up. However, you probably don t want end-users to have access to the program s inner workings. This often leads developers to create separate debug and release versions of their application. This in turn has problems, as it means that the version a developer uses for testing isn t exactly the same as the version that people are actually using. Few things are more frustrating than finding a bug in the release version, which you cannot debug, which does not appear in the debug version.
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Figure 9-21. The new phpBB 3.0 User Control Panel
server variables tracing at page level, 286 SetPropertyValue method, Profile class storing language preferences, 184 sibling pages, SiteMap class determining current page, 148 using site navigation classes, 150 SignOut method, FormsAuthentication class, 245 site navigation building site map, 135 139 displaying dynamic content, 163 168 implementing security, 152 managing site navigation, 135 168 Site Navigation API programming with, 147 152 using site navigation classes, 148 SiteMap class CurrentNode property, 148 displaying dynamic content, 163 Site Navigation API, 147 site navigation security, 152 siteMap element web.config file, 152 web.sitemap file, 135 sitemap file see web.sitemap file SiteMapDataSource control, 85 Menu control using, 145 SiteMapPath control using, 141 Treeview control using, 142, 149 siteMapFile attribute siteMap element, 153 siteMapNode element adding web.sitemap file to web projects, 138 title attribute, 136 web pages displaying dynamic content, 163 SiteMapPath control, 100 description, 140 displaying dynamic content, 163 example illustrating use of, 141 142 navigation controls compared, 140 with SiteMapDataSource control, 141
CHAPTER 1: Accessory Overview
Figure 8-7. Testing the Silverlight navigation application 21. Press the View 1 HyperlinkButton at the top of the screen. The Content Frame will navigate to the View1.xaml content, as shown in Figure 8-8.
Using a single resource bundle is a no-brainer for a simple app with a single class file. Most real-world apps, though, will contain substantially more. Depending on your needs, there are several strategies you can consider.
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