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Since we ve already added the dataset to the project, it s time to add the data table to it. The data table should have the two columns identified in Table 9-2 (Branch and YearEndSalesTotal):
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Figure 10-5. Select IMAP or POP account type.
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instance of *.*, all files will be consumed by the wildcard mask. However, it is worth noting that you cannot set up two receive locations with the same mask, monitoring the same location.
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Unlike native types, reference types do not automatically get a copy constructor and an assignment operator. They may be created explicitly if required. These functions don t always make sense for reference types, which normally don t represent a value that can be copied or assigned. Value types can be copied and assigned automatically. They behave as if they have copy constructors and assignment operators that copy their values.
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Receiving PINs
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there are utility classes available to encourage developers to adopt the same approach for their own implementations. Code constructed in accordance with the DRY principle makes refactoring easier, as changes to application logic are localized.
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Using Databases to Manage Data
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Star Transformation Joins
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The number of parameters that didn t exist before 10g should give you some pause for thought how many old rules of thumb are you going to have to forget regarding things you shouldn t do in SQL Then take a look at that parameter _unnest_notexists_sq. Why has it ceased to exist in 10g Does this mean that the optimizer has only recently been enhanced to handle all possible not exists subqueries, and no longer needs a parameter to keep it in check Or does it mean that the optimizer has decided to stop unnesting not exists subqueries (There is an example in the section Anti-join Anomaly that shows the answer to this question is no.) What about the parameter _cost_equality_semi_join, which appeared in 9i Why are there two notes on MetaLink (258945.1 and 144967.1) that seem to state that 9i will unnest without costing, when this parameter suggests that there are some cases where the cost is examined Perhaps it s because semi-joins (and anti-joins) aren t really considered to be examples of unnesting. Perhaps it s simply that even the MetaLink analysts have a hard time keeping up with all the changes. Whatever this list says to you, it tells me that it s hard work keeping up with the new details and features that keep appearing in the optimizer particularly in the area of subquery transformation. The whole area of subquery manipulation is one where I regularly have to remind myself that I ve never seen it isn t the same as it doesn t happen. It s also the area where transformed execution plans can be hardest to read (think about my hypothetical plan in the earlier discussion on filtering, with its missing filter line).
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public class System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging.ConstructionCall { // only properties are shown public Type ActivationType { virtual get; } public string ActivationTypeName { virtual get; } public IActivator Activator { virtual get; virtual set; } public object[] CallSiteActivationAttributes { virtual get; } public IList ContextProperties { virtual get; } }
Note A dehydrated orchestration is an orchestration that has been removed from memory and persisted to SQL
Figure 5-22. The report designer after adding the header and body sections In case you are wondering what the GetImage() function is, it is the custom code function that we need to change the icon based on the profit ratio of each invoice. Before I show you how to work with custom code, let me tell you about expressions to calculate profit/loss ratios. As you have seen, we didn t use the drag and drop method to map the value of the profit/loss column; instead we typed the expression: =Fields!Amount.Value Fields!Cost.Value One of the beauties of RS is that it allows us to perform calculations on data fields. In this case, by using subtraction, we can determine the amount of profit or loss.
Note You can extend this solution by using a web/WCF service method to access the business rules engine,
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