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Listing 3-21. The Second Server using using using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting; General; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.Http; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels; System.Collections;
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App: Ask for Permissions
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One Bundle, Single Implementor
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Silverlight Navigation Application Template
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The validate() method should be implemented with your validation logic for each of the preferences your portlet needs to verify. If there are any errors with the saved preferences, the validate() method should throw a ValidatorException, which is a subclass of PortletException. The validate() method will also need to be thread safe. The portlet container will create only one instance of the validator class for each portlet defined in the deployment descriptor. The ValidatorException class has three public constructors:
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Try It Out: Creating an Animation with Expression Blend
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Obtaining Helper Programs
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Try It Out: Using Command Parameters
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Figure 11 15. Selecting the BizTalk assembly
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More often, you won t have caught the exception, and the process will simply crash. The question is, What went wrong These errors can be extremely hard to diagnose until you realize what is happening. The problem here is that you cannot rely on managed objects to remain in existence when called from the finalizer. On the other hand, it is safe to reference these objects from the destructor because when the destructor runs, the object and all its members are still fully intact. In this case, you should move the data connection close operation into the destructor, and be sure to call delete or use stack semantics to force the destructor call and the closure of the connection. The bottom line is that you can t ignore calling delete for classes that hold onto resources. If this seems disappointing, just remember that the managed environment may be very good at cleaning up memory, but it is not designed to provide the same automatic cleanup for other resources, which are best handled by matching every gcnew for a class with a destructor with a corresponding delete, or, better, using stack semantics.
5 14. Configuring Basic Correlations
Figure 8-28. The server called by the intermediary using the new version 1 of Person
How It Works
Figure 12-4. HTML based Google Weather
Observations About FOR XML RAW Formatting
Drag a WriteLine activity to the Catches section where it says Drop activity here . For the Text property, enter Catch: + exception.Message. The designer should look like the one shown in Figure 17-4.
you know the position of the knob. You re going to use the knob position to tell you where to put the paddle and you ll use the button press to activate the serve. Since you use the notification system to send the data, you first need to set up the viewDidLoad method to register for notifications. Let s add the following four lines of code to the implementation file.
Your blog could be specialized review site, where you discuss and review the latest science fiction books, movies, and games. Here, your main articles will probably be in-depth reviews of the latest DVD releases, complete with publicity photos, cast lists, and so on. But you may also have, for example, a news category where the nature of the stories will be different. On such a site, you might want to have links to allow your readers to purchase the products you are reviewing. If they are affiliate links, you could even earn money that way. To encourage readers to return, you could have a voting or rating system. Or perhaps, you will just want to encourage them to leave their own reviews in the comments.
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