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A New Home for Preferences
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to update the index. Lucene will find documents only in the index; Lucene does not have any kind of live content update facility unless you build it. Your application is responsible for keeping the index up-to-date. If your content is dynamic and changes often, your content update code should probably also update the Lucene index. You can remove an existing document from the Lucene index, and then add a new one this is called incremental indexing.
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Once you have enabled Parental Controls, you can control whether the user is forced to use Simple Finder (a limited way of interacting with the Finder where most of the
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Often, you need to raise additional events from objects that follow the BackgroundWorker design pattern. For example, let s say you want to augment IterativeBackgroundWorker to raise an event when the worker starts its work and for this event to pass the exact time that the worker thread started as an event argument. Listing 13-3 shows the extra code you need to add to the IterativeBackgroundWorker type to make this happen. You use this extra code in the next section. Listing 13-3. Code to Raise GUI-Thread Events from an IterativeBackgroundWorker Object open System open System.Threading // Pseudo-code for adding event-raising to this object type IterativeBackgroundWorker<'T>(...) = let worker = ... // The constructor captures the synchronization context. This allows us to post // messages back to the GUI thread where the BackgroundWorker was created. let syncContext = SynchronizationContext.Current do if syncContext = null then failwith "no synchronization context found" let started = new Event<_>() // Raise the event when the worker starts. This is done by posting a message // to the captured synchronization context. do worker.DoWork.Add(fun args -> syncContext.Post(SendOrPostCallback(fun _ -> started.Trigger(DateTime.Now)), state=null) ... /// The Started event gets raised when the worker starts. It is /// raised on the GUI thread (i.e. in the synchronization context of /// the thread where the worker object was created). // It has type IEvent<DateTime> member x.Started = started.Publish The simple way to raise additional events is often wrong. For example, it s tempting to create an event, arrange for it to be triggered, and publish it, as you would do for a GUI control. However, if you
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Understanding Frame and Page Navigation
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Rule #4 is executed, but no action is taken.
comment lexbuf } { failwith "Unterminated comment" } { comment lexbuf }
Note You may be wondering why music and movie corporations are so intent on enforcing DRM and
A table report item is the usual choice for tabular reports like this. However, this time, I ll show you how you can use a list report item for a tabular format report. Let s start by dragging Report Items List from the toolbox and dropping it inside the body section on the report designer to add a new list item with the default name of list1 to the report. When you use a list item, all you get is a container into which you can drop other report items for the list. Therefore, to display a list of products and prices, we need a text box inside the newly added list. As you did for this report header, drag and drop four text boxes inside list1. Please make sure to align them according to their headings, which we already put in the header section. Your report design should look similar to the one shown in Figure 14-6.
Every copy of Mac OS X has included the command-line utility asr, so you can perform multicast imaging right out of the box without installing a thing. You can then use asr to perform a unicast or multicast restore (the command can be used to create images, restore images and server images). When the utility runs in multicast mode, it loops an image on the network as described earlier. The advantage of this is that whether you have 100 or 1,000 clients, they ll all image using the same stream of data without bogging down the imaging server by making disparate requests for different sections of the image. The disadvantage is that if a client misses some data, which will happen eventually, that system will have to wait for the loop to come full circle to where the data was not properly delivered. With a unicast restore, in contrast, every client begins at byte 0 on the source image and requires its own dedicated stream of data from the server. No matter which restore you use, you ll need to take an image and scan it first. To do so, you use the asr command along with imagescan to calculate checksums of the image file s contents and store it in the image. When you run imagescan on a disk image, the tool creates a number of checksums that are used to ensure successful restores. Additionally, the utility scans the image file and hints it for multicast restore, making sure the data arrangement on the image is optimized for block transfers. The command you issue will look like the following:
Predefined Tasks
Before running the application, open the Program.cs file. This code is identical to the file generated in 1. Add the following code after the call to WorkflowInvoker class: Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to exit"); Console.ReadLine(); This keeps the console app from exiting before you can read the results. Press F5. Depending on the time of day, your results should be similar to the following:
Figure 2-1. Bonjour Browser
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