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CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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While developing clients for a web service, you add a web reference to the web service by specifying the URL of the .asmx file, and it is this URL that Visual Studio uses when generating the required proxy object. However, after adding a web reference, the web service could be moved to some other location. In such cases, the easiest way out is to re-create the proxy object. But what if this happens after you deploy your web service client It would be nice if you could change the URL programmatically so that even if the original web service is moved, your clients need not be recompiled. The Url property of the web service proxy class allows you to do just that. Listing 9-18 shows the relevant code. Listing 9-18. Changing the Web Service URL at Run Time Service proxy=new Service(); proxy.Url="http://localhost/newlocation/Service.asmx";
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Sending Plain Text
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A component that extends a framework, usually by defining types that implement particular interfaces. Organized in an appropriate namespace as a simple set of classes and functions that generate objects that implement the interfaces defined in a framework. Generally has no static state. Example: the Firebird.NET API, which provides implementations of the ADO.NET Data Access framework interfaces to enable access to Firebird databases.
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Figure 4-4. Using the Spring helper classes for JDBC
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In information security, intrusion detection is the practice of detecting attempts (successful as well as unsuccessful) to compromise a network resource. Intrusion detection does not usually involve the prevention of intrusions; however, we will discuss some preventive measures that can work in tandem with intrusion detection. With any intrusion detection solution, it is important that it somehow alerts you to potential intrusions so that you can determine whether your security was actually compromised, allowing you to act swiftly in order to limit the damage. Once you ve mitigated the damage, you can examine what the attack vector was, investigate whether it was done maliciously, and then take measures to prevent future intrusions based on this information.
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VFSOpts: net url==afp://;AUTH=Client%20Krb%20v2/hax.lbc/networkHomes
private var yahooMap:YahooMap; private var location:String = "1 market, san francisco, ca"; private var address:Address = new Address(location);
Here is the output of Listing 5-21: first second If you use a size greater than the number of elements provided, the uninitialized elements are included in the length, as in Listing 5-22. Listing 5-22. Initializing Only Part of an Array // arrays_uninitialized_elements.cpp using namespace System; int main() { array<String^>^ stringArray = gcnew array<String^>(5) { "one", "two" }; for (int i = 0; i < stringArray->Length; i++) { Console::WriteLine( stringArray[i] ); } Console::WriteLine("End."); } The uninitialized elements are null String handles, which are rendered as extra blank lines: one two
Very Important The concepts I am introducing in this chapter should only be used if they are really necessary this means a situation like the one described previously can potentially become reality. In any other cases, avoid the additional effort of implementing versioning in this way. Furthermore, in such situations, Web Services might be more appropriate than .NET Remoting solutions. My primary intention with this chapter is to show you that versioning of serializable types is not easy and needs to be kept in mind from the very first moment of the application design and development process! Note The next generation of messaging runtime, codename IIndigo, has such concepts built into the infrastructure through data contracts. This means with Indigo you really can concentrate on your data contract design and not as is happening here digging into some details of runtime serialization.
Following the username, enter a password. Here, the rules are the inverse of those for your username. A good password contains numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation marks, and anything else you can get in there! This helps make your password almost impossible for someone else to guess, and thus makes your system more secure. (If you want to be really secure, create a password that s ten or more characters long.) You ll need to enter the password twice; the second time confirms that you didn t make a typo the first time around. The What Is the Name of This Computer text box contains the hostname for the computer. This is how the computer is identified on certain types of networks, if you choose to share files or resources with other computers. It is also the name that will
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