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Using Mail Server-Based Solutions for Spam and Viruses
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To rename a stored procedure, follow these steps: 1. Enter the following statement in the query window: Execute sp_rename 'sp_Select_All_Employees', 'sp_Select_Employees_Details' 2. Click Execute, and you will see the following message in the results window, even though sp_rename has been executed successfully: Caution: Changing any part of an object name could break scripts and stored procedures. 3. Now go to Object Explorer, expand the Northwind database node, and then expand the Programmability node. Select the Stored Procedures node, right-click, and select Refresh. 4. Expand the Stored Procedures node and notice that sp_Select_All_Employees has been renamed to sp_Select_Employees_Details. Your screen should resemble Figure 6-8.
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Figure 10-1. The Alphabetical List of Products report from the sample MS Access database
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Using the .NET Framework Configuration System
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CHAPTER 2: Directory Services Clients
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Examples of Use
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Like the classic C++ #include directive, the #using directive is used in a source code file to refer to an assembly (usually a DLL) that defines programming elements that you want to use in your program. The act of putting a #using directive for a particular assembly in your code is called referencing the assembly. Once an assembly is referenced in this way, you ll be able to use any publicly exposed classes, interfaces, and other program elements defined in that assembly. The types in mscorlib.dll are referenced by default, so there is no need for the #using directive to reference anything in this assembly. If there s a question as to whether a particular type is in mscorlib.dll, use ILDasm.exe on mscorlib.dll (you can find mscorlib.dll in the .NET Framework installation folder). In mixed code, ways of accessing native libraries remain the same. If COM libraries are used, use the #import directive as you would normally. Header files are not used for referencing managed types outside of the assembly where they live, but the #include directive is still used to reference headers written in classic C++ and for intra-assembly code (for example, in a Visual Studio project). Types, assembly-level global functions, and other symbols are defined in assemblies and may or may not be accessible outside that assembly, depending on accessibility modifiers declared on the symbol. Accessibility modifiers are slightly different in C++/CLI, as you ll see in 6. For now just know that you can use public or private on types and assembly-global
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In this chapter, you looked at how to bind lists of data to Silverlight controls. Then you focused on two controls typically bound to data: the DataGrid control and the ListBox control. You saw how these controls are flexible and can show data in unique ways. However, in all of these examples, the classes contained static data. In real-world examples, the data that you will normally list in a DataGrid or ListBox will be coming from some external data source, such as an XML file or a web service. In the next chapter, you will look at how to get data from these external data sources and how to use that data to bind to your Silverlight applications.
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The following are some disadvantages of this approach: There is no project file that you can double-click to open the site in Visual Studio. Rather, you must browse to the folder after opening Visual Studio. By default, all files within the site s directory are included in the Web Site project. If there are files within the site s directory that you do not wish to be a part of the web site, you must rename the file, adding the extension .exclude.
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After you register and purchase your Azure service account, you can now log in to an SQL Azure portal. 1. Click the project hyperlink NAS-DEV. In your case, you should click the name of the project that corresponds to the one you created in the Signing up for SQL Azure section. Click the I Accept button on the Terms of Use page, as shown in Figure 3 5.
CHAPTER 2: EAAccessory Framework
The terms of a query are the individual keywords or phrases the user is looking for in the indexed content. In Lucene, the org.apache.lucene.index.Term object consists of a String that represents the word or phrase, and another String that names the document s field. You create a Term object with its constructor:
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