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Add ECC200 in VB.NET Figure 7-2. Using FOR XML RAW ELEMENTS

@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSArray *protocolStrings
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To loop through the results, you can use its Read() method that advances the record pointer to the next row. Note that DataReader does not have MoveXxxx()-style methods as ADO has. This helps to avoid the common programming mistake of forgetting to call MoveNext() in Do...While loops. Also, note that for DataReader only one row remains in memory at a time, so DataReader can improve the performance and memory footprint of your application significantly as compared to traditional dynamic cursors.
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Flex 4 officially has full support only for SOAP web services. You saw in the last section how you could also manage to use REST. JSON-RPC and XML-RPC can be incorporated with the help of a few open libraries. Hessian can be used with Flex quite easily and is well supported as an alternative to sending Action Message Format (AMF) binary data. Let s start with the stuff that s official: SOAP.
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Figure 10-15. File successfully dropped onto the Silverlight application
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The final and most complex major component in the CHAPI system is the Registry. Registry provides many capabilities to both the client and the server app, including registering handlers, searching for available handlers, and processing requests.
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Paste the following XAML in MainPage.xaml (it is identical to XAML from the Adding a Local Application Bar Using XAML section of this chapter):
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rom time to time, you will want to transfer data between Java application processes. Sometimes these will be running on the same machine, but typically they will be running on physically distant machines. Remoting is the general term for the technologies that allow you to invoke methods on Java classes residing in other processes and on distant machines. Various remoting mechanisms can collectively be used to transfer data between application servers from server to client, from client to server, and from client to client. In this chapter, you ll learn about some of the mechanisms available in Spring, and you ll look at a simple example of remote access from a Spring-based client application to a service layer running in a Spring-based application server.
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Note DiffGram is a special XML format that stores original as well as current row values. SQL Server 2000
and the Disk blocks 1st pass figure (1565) also agrees with the summary line Total number of blocks to read: 1565 blocks in the 10033 trace. The number of merges is one this is a good thing and the ideal target for very large sorts that can t complete in memory. The number of merges will inevitably be one if the Initial runs value does not exceed the max intermediate merge width, and the session statistics will record this as a onepass workarea execution. (In fact, it is possible for the number of merges to be one even when the initial runs exceeds the max intermediate merge width, as we shall see in the upcoming section about the pga_aggregate_ target.) We can see the number of input records (1,048,576), but the interesting numbers are the number of comparisons: roughly 20,000,000 in total, 15,000,000 during the in-memory sorting, and 5,000,000 during the merge from disk. These numbers will vary with the randomness of the incoming data and the memory size, but for a fixed set of data, it is worth running a few examples to see if there are any patterns to the numbers (script sort_demo_01a.sql in the online code suite may help). Table 13-2 lists a few results the last two columns report some results derived from the preceding columns.
Understanding the Structure of an ASP.NET Web Site
Every XAML element exposes a Loaded event, which can be captured to do some processing once the element is loaded. In most examples, you ll see a Loaded event being captured on the control itself, but if you want finer-grained processing, you can do it for each element. This is very useful when you want to add event listeners at runtime. If you have a lot of controls that you want to set up event listeners for, and you do them all in the control s Load event, you ll end up with a lot of code in there that is difficult to maintain. Note that if you specify the Load event for an element and that element s child, the child event will fire first, followed by the parent.
Adobe Media Encoder (AME) replaces the Flash Video Encoder that used to be bundled with Flash Professional. AME offers more than just an encoder and includes features such as video manipulation, H.264 encoding, integration with other Creative Suite (CS) products such as Premier Pro and After Effects, cue points, two-pass variable bitrate encoding with the ON2VP6 codec, and the ability to load directly to the server.
Figure B-2. Adding a web reference to ECommerceService.asmx
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