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When your application includes only SAOs/CAOs (and no [Serializable] objects), you re usually fine with using soapsuds -ia:<assembly> -nowp -oa:<meta_data.dll> to generate the necessary metadata. However, when you are using [Serializable] objects, which not only hold some data but also have methods defined, you need to provide their implementation (the General.dll in the examples) to the client as well. To see the problem and its solution, take a look at Listing 4-1. This code shows you a [Serializable] class in a shared assembly that will be called General.dll. Listing 4-1. A Shared [Serializable] Class using System; namespace General { [Serializable] public class Customer { public String FirstName; public String LastName; public DateTime DateOfBirth;
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8. Click the Create Share button. A dialog box might appear saying that the permis-
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specified number of days in the past. For this example, the Date and Time functoid (substituting for the Date functoid) could have been used as the first input parameter for the Add Days function, and the map would be functionally equivalent. This is due to the fact that the Add Days functoid can accept either date or datetime values, and in either case, produces only a value indicating a date (excluding a time element).
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To see how the _ wildcard character works, open a New Query window in SSMSE. Enter the following query and click Execute. You should see the results shown in Figure 4-9. select Title + ' ' + FirstName + ' ' + LastName as "Person Name" from Person.Contact where FirstName like 'B____a' and Title is not null
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The Help module may not provide exactly the help text you wish to offer your site visitors. If you wish Tip
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Table 10-1. Some Common .NET Framework Exceptions
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Read uncommitted: One transaction may see uncommitted changes made by another transaction. Dirty reads may occur in this case. Read committed: Data records retrieved by one transaction are not protected from being modified by another transaction. Nonrepeatable reads may occur. Repeatable read: All retrieved data cannot be changed by another process because it is locked by the transaction that retrieves it. Phantom reads can occur though as range locks are not established. In other words, the where clause of a select statement may have candidate rows that have newly appeared since the select was made, but these new rows will not show up. Serializable: Everything is isolated and no transactional problems occur.
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Array: The array that you are inserting the item into Index: The location where you want to insert it (zero-based) Item: The item to insert
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First sink in chain (IMessageSink)
Putting It All Together
Enter a name for the account in the Name field. This is the full name of the user who will be logging in. Enter a short name for the account in the Short Name field (keep in mind that this will be difficult to change at a later date). Enter a password for the account. Enter the password again in the Verify field. Enter a hint for a password reminder.
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Figure 11 31. Activity status example 4. Click the Assistance button to open the Request Technical Assistance Web Page Dialog dialog box, as shown in Figure 11 32. Enter the appropriate information for the technical request, and click the Send Report button.
Any developer with access rights to create objects within SQL Server can build a stored procedure. There are also hundreds of system stored procedures, all of which start with a prefix of sp_, within SQL Server. Under no circumstances should you attempt to modify any system stored procedure that belongs to SQL Server, as this could corrupt not only your database, but also other databases, requiring you to perform a full restore. There is little point in building a stored procedure just to run a set of T-SQL statements only once; conversely, a stored procedure is ideal for when you wish to run a set of T-SQL statements many times. The reasons for choosing a stored procedure are similar to those that would persuade you to choose a view rather than letting users access table data directly. Stored procedures also supply benefits; for example, SQL Server will always cache a stored procedure plan in memory, and it is likely to remain in cache and be reused, whereas ad hoc SQL plans created when running ad hoc T-SQL may or may not be stored in the procedure cache. The latter may lead to bloating of the procedure cache with lots of very similar plans for similar batches, as SQL Server won t match plans that use the same basic code but with different parameter values. Stored procedures give your application a single proven interface for accessing or manipulating your data. This means that you keep data integrity, make the correct modifications or selections to the data, and ensure that users of the database do not need to know structures, layouts, relationships, or connected processes required to perform a specific function. We can also validate any data input and ensure that the data brought into the stored procedure is correct. Just like a view and tables, we can grant very specific execute permission for users of stored procedures (the only permission available on a stored procedure is EXECUTE). To prevent access to the source code, you can encrypt stored procedures, although this really ought to be used in only the most required cases. The code itself isn t actually encrypted, it is only obfuscated, which means it is possible to decrypt the code if required. Therefore, it isn t a total prevention of viewing the code, but it does stop stray eyes. It also limits what can be seen in a tool called SQL Server Profiler, which is used to profile performance of stored procedures, code, etc., thus causing difficulty in checking what is happening if there is a problem. Therefore, to reiterate, you need to carefully justify any encryption you wish to do.
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