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Figure 14-12. Sample notification e-mail
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using Microsoft.Phone.Reactive; Now, write code to capture the KeyUp events of the text box. 4. Paste the following code immediately following the InitializeComponent() statement in the MainPage() constructor: Observable.FromEvent<KeyEventArgs>(txtSearchTerms, "KeyUp");
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One of the easiest-to-use and most versatile third-party backup programs available for the Mac platform is SuperDuper, an application developed by David Nanian and available from SuperDuper is more flexible than Time Machine and has more features. If you re willing to plunk down $30 for the software, you ll be given the extra ability to write custom backup scripts, schedule backups, and use sandboxing (a highly useful utility that backs the system up to a separate volume that can be used to boot the machine if it crashes). After you ve downloaded and installed SuperDuper, a configuration window opens that allows you to configure what data should be backed up and where it should be backed up to (see Figure 18 8).
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Gets the index of the first occurrence of an element in a 1D array, starting from a specified index. For value type arrays, initializes the array by calling the default constructor of that value type.
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Backdoor Zombie
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Listing 4-29. Returning Values // return_values.cpp using namespace System; ref class R { bool destroyed; public: R() { } R(const R% r) { }
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CHAPTER 8: Digging in Deep
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Figure 13-11. Output with LoadOptions.None
Note While a correlation set type can contain any promoted property, it cannot contain distinguished fields.
Professional Associations
The serveradmin command can again be used to list additional configuration settings for the service:
var item:Object = new Object(); =; =; if ( networkInterface.addresses.length > 0 ) { networkInterface.addresses.forEach( function ( interfaceAddress:InterfaceAddress, i:int, vect2:Vector.<InterfaceAddress>):void { item.addresses += networkInterface.addresses[i]. ipVersion + ": " + networkInterface.addresses[i].address + ", "; }); } else { item.addresses = ""; } arrayCollection.addItem( item ); }); dataGrid.dataProvider = new ArrayCollection(arrayCollection.source); } ]]> </fx:Script> <mx:DataGrid id="dataGrid" width="700" height="300"> <mx:columns> <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="name" width="40" /> <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="active" width="80" /> <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="addresses" /> </mx:columns> </mx:DataGrid> </s:WindowedApplication>
The question of what hardware works under Ubuntu is one that s not easily answered. However, you can take a look at to see if your hardware is listed. This is an informal list created by the Ubuntu community, and it s not comprehensive (which is to say that there may be hardware that works fine that isn t mentioned). Nor is the list guaranteed to be 100% accurate. But it s certainly worth a look. A search engine like Google is your best friend if the Ubuntu hardware list doesn t help. Simply search for the brand and model of your hardware and add Ubuntu to the search string. This should return results, usually from the Ubuntu forums ( or blogs, written by those who have found a way to make that type of hardware work.
Next, enter your computer name (see Figure 13 12). This is the name that will be broadcast to other Windows systems when they browse to see your computer on the network. It should be a unique name that no other computer on the network shares. This is also known in Microsoft Windows networking terminology as the NetBIOS name.
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